2005 Honda Integra Type S 2.0L from Australia and New Zealand


It is a sleek well balanced car with extremely deceptive power


Sunroof does not open all the way (what a party

Pooper). It absolutely loves its oil, likes to use all the lubrication when getting pounded from behind... I will stop there.

There are a few niggling rattles on the dash and the side doors, which would happen if you thrash the poor gal as hard as I do. Sits very high for a sports car, but lowering the car would void the warranty and also require 20 inch rims.

By far the worst mistake would be the climate controls, WHAT THE HELL WERE THE GUYS IN JAPAN THINKING WHEN DESIGNING THAT!!! It looks chatty, you would think it would be all digital buttons and LCD's (at least). The guys at Honda need a good flick across the ears, but we will let them go this time only for producing a really neat car.

General Comments:

As every driver is aware you should always wear the car in, at least for the first 500km. Pffft... that's what I said. I have been revving the engine at 7 grand ever since I drove the sexy thing out of the dealer and it has responded quite well. As the car is tuned in Japan on a racing track (they have the best roads there), the dumb nuts at Honda in Sydney left the pressure of the tires at 38 PSI. Now Sydney has the worst roads in the world, God knows where our tax goes, and leaving the pressure at 38PSI while tearing up the streets will really screw up the steering and shocks. With the Bridgestone tires, the car tries its best to grab the road by its nuts, which makes the front bounce like crazy.

Handling is second to none. Believe me when I say, Subaru WRX and Nissan Skylines have nothing compared to Honda's superior handling technology. Sure they have more power, but what's power without control? Plus the 6 speed makes up for any long distance runs.

I have embarrassed quite a few car owners in their revved up V6's and supercharged street sneezer's. I mean the Type-s is by far one of the fastest naturally aspirated 4 cylinders on the street. 154kw provides more kick than its older brothers, and has all the options of the luxury version with more power and performance of the previous Type R.

Full leather interior and bucket seats will make you fall asleep. The only thing that will wake you up is the roar of the V-Tech kicking in.

6 CD MP3 front disc loader and a nice speaker system is pretty impressive for a stock system.

I would give it an overall rating of 8/10, and is the smoothest and zippiest car I have owned, and I have owned a WRX, Skyline, and 200sx.

ABS Signing Out!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005