2006 Honda Integra DC5 Type S 2.0 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


AWESOME, deceptive, sleek, a dying breed


These arent actually faults. These are my personal preference :)

- A little high for a sports car but lower than the AUSDM Integra Type R... (nothing wrong with that is there??).

- Cannot hear the VTEC engagement; instead can feel it.

- Softer clutch (good for some).

- No more race-style spoiler.

- No more Recaro body-hugging bucket seats.

- No more front double-wishbone suspension

General Comments:

I just recently bought an '06 AUSDM DC5 Type S (one of the last of all Integras which is a SHAME!) and it actually isn't too bad at all.

You're spot on with its "deceptive power", you actually don't really HEAR its VTEC switching (around 5,500 - 6,000 rpm?) but you can really feel it which is more important. I feel its VTEC kicking in as much as how the old DC2 ITR kicks in, perhaps maybe because it has more power and flow than the DC5 AUSDM Type R where they wanted to re-capture the "refinement" of a DC5 Type-R and the "hard-edge" of a DC2 Type-R.

Interior by far better than DC5 ITR with full leather bucket seats and plastics all round once again, luxury such as 5 cup holders, 6-stack CD/MP3 plyer, sunroof, Air-con (optional on DC5 ITR), Adjustable driver seat height, side-seats airbags, lightweight ceiling sound-deadening, Softer/nimbler/Quicker steering response than DC5 ITR (thats right!), Softer clutch pedal and most of all no more rear wing blocking the view (I actually prefer with spoiler to be honest)

Mechanicals and Engine is pretty much the same as the DC5 ITR except has stronger rear cross-members and engine mounts than previous DC5 ITR, stiffer suspension/ride (due to its lower profile perhaps), track-calibrated and revised suspension geometry still uses McPherson struts up front and Double-Wishbone at rear, revised upper front strut, higher flow catalytic converter and muffler, 10% larger throttle body, revised steering, stronger crankshaft. Engine churns out 154kw (approx. 207HP) but only 1 or 2 newton-meter of torque higher than AUSDM DC5 ITR. Redline @ a sky-high 8,100 RPM and cuts-off @ 8,600 RPM. All of that mentioned & now the weighing-in, the AUSDM DC5 ITR weighs 1160kg (without air-con) with air-con it weighs +70kgs more which brings it around the same weight as the Type-S at 1230kg (it puzzles me but that is the figure)

The first 3 gears are basically the same ratio as the DC5 ITR which also comes with an LSD then becomes insignificantly longer ratio on the last 3 gears but stock-for-stock the AUSDM Type-S is actually FASTER than AUSDM Type-R. I know it's a little biased and might receive hate replies so pretty much it's what you see is what you get with the new Type-S (both on paper and real-world driving). I too, am a huge fan of the DC5 & especially the DC2 but Honda has decided to move on to make room for improvement with the Type-S basically.

To conclude this comment, I find that it is the strongest, And yes - "DECEPTIVE", yet underrated Integra of all, since I have been test driven Honda Sports car range such as Civic Hatch VTi-R, CRX (del sol), DC2 ITR, DC5 ITR.

Friends asks me "why didnt you get a Subaru WRX/200sx S15/Focus XR5/Corrolla Sportivo/Golf GTi/Astra Turbo around the same price...etc". I was just lost for words

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008

26th Nov 2008, 06:16

Type-S?...what can I say, SEXY?, SLOW? (lol), SLEEK, SILENT. SUPERIOR? who cares, Chicks love it. (the S)...LOL...moving on...

I've owned 1 for 3 yrs now and it is WELL ENGINEERED!. I had a Targa top CRX B16A VTEC as my previous car and Type-S feel as nimble and responsive or even better in most occasion. Ride Height is perfect since seats are height adjustable. Steering wheel is flawless due to its size and ratio. Noise is more subdued with strategically placed sound-deadener around the car. Long distance driving on 6th gear doing 100kmh-115kmh is EXCELLENT (consumption around 5.5L per 100kms)

VERSATILITY is what this 2004-2006 Type-S is all about. Something that you drive daily to-from work/groceries yet hasn't lost the edge to be REALLY DRIVEN hard on straights and especially winding roads as the car darts in all direction according to the drivers input. In other words, very predictable.

Parts are obviously expensive since theres not many generic parts yet but there are as much compatibility with DC5 Type-R using aftermarket parts for mods or upgrades.

There is no need to modify this Type-S extensively since top Honda Engineers have already done so (Revision of parts mention in the article above - don't forget suspension damping rates and shorter brake pedal distance).

Minimal mods or upgrades are the only way such as Intake/Headers/Mufflers/ or even investing in a trusted and great lowering springs will do and this puts out a significant feel in changes.

The most sort out modification is a good "Hondata" or any aftermarket ECU (if theres any out there) that suits DC5's with high-level of computerized engine tuning will literally grab you by the balls!

This end-of-the-line (production line that is) Integra isn't really for the faint hearted, although looks and sounds harmless but never judge a book by its cover.

This car is for those who had enough of being such "Boy-Ricers"... I mean "RACERS!!" Hahahaha Oops. No really, the looks has lost its Japanese appeal, which now looks a bit like the Euro Accord @ rear-end. Anyway, what I meant to say was for those who have grown out of the "Boy-Racer" (DC2 Type-R era) but still has the edge of being a Boy-Racer or I should say Man-Racer's since you've all grown up with more experience then this car is definitely for you. Hence, figure how I went from CRX to Type-S :)

Cheers to the world from Australia!

26th Nov 2008, 15:03

It's underrated because there's not a lot marketing that's put into this car. I think it's just love it or hate it. It seems that it died during the 2002-2004 DC5 Type R, so Honda didn't do much to advertise the Type S.

28th Nov 2008, 15:44

This is a very well built car. Lots of refinements put into it, and does anything that a dc5 Type R does.

Has a name that lives up to its own, unlike the dc5 ITR that had to supersede the dc2 ITR.

A note about modification:

Lowering the car defeats the purpose of its track calibrated suspension, not a very good idea to do so, but personal preference comes in and voids the warranty as well.

9th Dec 2008, 07:05

An updated Integra model that does everything that a Type-R does besides the badge. Don't be fooled by the less racy look. Same goes for the police seeing a less racy/hoonish car. A lot more refined handling and more power overall. VTEC kicks in pretty loud when stock intake box removed and replaced with a high-flow pod type filter.

9th Jan 2009, 11:30

Anyone know what can be done to a dc5 to make it faster??

17th Sep 2009, 02:22

I'm not sure what you mean by making it faster. There are so many variable such as turbo and supercharging, modified gearing... etc.

To answer your question in a simple way, a good intake system and exhaust system will gain significant and responsive amount of power. Changing or adding a piggy-back aftermarket ECU is another way, but a bit more serious power output in mind.