19th Jun 2003, 19:08

Sounds like a fantastic car. I'm surprised you gave it 10/10 for reliability though. The type-R is designed to be driven hard. Doing so should not damage the VTEC system-the very thing that sets it apart from the barrage of other 1.8 Litre cars out there. Especially seeing its brand spanking new.

7th Nov 2003, 09:36

Honda has always been perfect in reliability. There is some days ago, I heard an Integra pushing the engine to the maximum power, it's simply incredible the sound is really like an F1 machine.

I would like to buy an s2000, because it's so cheaper than the others roadsters and it has all the special engineering of Honda ; vtec power, performance, reliability and a lot of hp (and 120 hp per liter, that is like the Ferrari Modena)!

I'm happy to see that the integra is so good and Honda will always have the best engine quality.

31st Jul 2004, 22:21

Totally agree with u, the ITR is a fantastic car! Too bad Honda don't hand-build their Type-R engines nowadays.

Mine is also a BLACK Type-R (Year 2000). I bought mine new. It's a nice looking car! To increase the "cool" factor, I have even upgraded both by low-beam and high-beam lights to H.I.D.s (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps! And if that's not enough, I have also installed a pair of very stealthy HID driving light within the front air dam (can't tell from outside). It makes driving in pitch black highway so much more enjoyable... as I can see much much futher now (to avoid hitting any kangaroos!)... When running the HID at low-voltage setting, they emitted a super-bright projector beam in WHITE-BLUE...looks even better than the S2000, as the ITR projector lens are larger in diameter... so it much brighter than the S2000 HIDs :)

The stock Potenza tires are not very good. At 20k service, the Honda dealer has recommended to have the tires upgraded to Yokahama S306 (205 instead of 195), due to excessive wear. Cost about the same, but the ride is excellent, superb traction even in wet. And the tires are very quiet. Vast improvement over the stock Bridgestone tires. And because no wheelspin, tire wear is excellent. I can corner at unbelievable speed!

My friend owns a WRX, he wasn't a Honda fan. But after having driven my ITR, he was CONVERTED! He sold his WRX and bought a 2nd-hand ITR in Red!

I was tempted by the 350-Z a while ago... but the test drive did not convince me to upgrade. Now, the only other car I may consider is the next R35 GTR (which will coming out in a few years time)...but having said that, I have now decided to keep the ITR, simply because it is such a nice car. I will be putting in a Jackson Racing Hi-boast Supercharger kit (run it at 11psi) & JR's liquid-intercooler to improve drivability at low-rev. I will also swap in a set of Brembo GrandTurismo Brake set, and also a carbon hood to shave off a few kilos and to provide better under-hood cooling for the supercharger.

One thing for certain, I will try to refrain myself from making any other changes to the body or rim/tire size... as I don't want to spoil the ride, and also to keep it as stock looking as possible... keeping the ITR steathy and low-key is the concept! I like surprises! :)

20th Apr 2006, 20:03

Agreed about the WRX. The WRX is a better all round road car, and in stock form the WRX will outpace the ITR on most circuits. My ITR race car is set up to allow me to push much harder and longer in the braking and cornering than with a stock car, so I have the confidence to drive faster than most WRX/Evo owners at track days - I'm no star behind the wheel.

As a former WRX owner and current ITR owner, I enjoy driving the ITR significantly more, but I'm a rev happy race car fan and the ITR pushes more buttons for me. Most folks I think would prefer the WRX, and it's definitely an easier car to live with (except when it comes time to fill up at the petrol pump!)

21st Apr 2006, 12:12

You got that right, my WRX is only a year old so its healthy, but £30 worth of fuel only gets me 145 miles, but its all city traffic, out on A roads or motorways it would get much more.

21st Jun 2006, 08:00

Hi, I've never driven a Vtec before. What I want to ask is, do you feel any surge of extra power when the vtec comes in or is it just a smooth power delivery up until the redline??

26th Jun 2006, 04:34


I have owned a black 99 Integra Type R for a year now. I don't know much about cars and all the Techy issues, but I know what I like and I love this car. So much fun it should be illegal. The amount of power generated by a naturally aspirated 1.8 engine is astonishing.

Regarding the question about "feeling a kick" when the Type R hits the VTEC zone, the answer is most definitely you feel it take off again. In fact to get the most out of this car you would have to be driving constantly in the VTEC range, and you would have a driving licence for about 5 minutes.

To the WRX fan, I am sure the Rex is faster and, due to all wheel drive, grippier as well, but it also has a bigger engine, a turbo and costs more. All things considered the ITR represents incredible value and won't often be beaten!

26th Sep 2007, 19:07

A friend was trying to guess the type of car I drove, eventually she gave up. Suddenly I remembered starting this post a few years back and did a quick search for it out of curiousity; I found it on the first link I clicked.

I've not grown up one bit since originally posting this, and still act exactly the same whenever I climb into my car...

... yes, I still have it!

22nd Dec 2007, 06:59

Great review there, was very entertaining to read.

I own a 1998 Japanese spec Type-R and what a fantastic car it is. Who cares if a WRX will outpace it - incidentally, I had a little "play" with a WRX up a dual carriageway, a steep bank, where there was little, if anything to separate us... In fact if anything I began to pull away at higher speeds slightly. We parted company with a wave; I think the guy was quite surprised.

Anyway, its not really about straight line speed, because frankly, its not really the fastest thing in the world. No, what it does is gives great level of feedback, a sense of involvement, a sensation of speed, and THAT engine. There are only 2 other Honda's that can match, or exceed the handling and feedback of the DC2 and they are the NSX and EK9 CTR.

This car turns me into a hooligan. It just begs to be revved constantly, and I give mine hell at every opportunity just to hear the engine howl. Its definitely the best sounding 4 cylinder engine out there IMO. The car is, as said, not the fastest, but I find it has just enough power to be able to exploit on the road, and it has plenty in reserve for overtaking. All that said, on a long, empty stretch (of racetrack, naturally), I kept my foot down and only lifted off when an indicated 150 mph came up on the speedo, and it was still accelerating. Who knows what speed it would end up doing by the time its the limiter in 5th. What impressed me with the car is that even at that speed, it felt planted and safe.

And the way it goes around corners, occasionally defies belief. Even in the wet, I find it handles really well, and the car generally resists understeer superbly once going at anything much more than running pace, instead adopting a gentle "drifting" motion when traction limits are exceeded. And the way that you can accelerate hard out of corners (due to the LSD) is also fantastic. Basically, I don't feel this car behaves anything like a typical FWD car.

To put the cherry on top, its extremely practical, very reliable, and even reasonably economical - I can get over 30 MPG if I can resist the urge to drive at 9000 RPM everywhere!

To be honest, I really wanted an Elise, but sadly it was out of my price range. But to be honest, having been in one since, I don't actually feel like I'm missing out too much, as the ITR has a far better engine than most of the entry-level lizzies. Although it doesn't handle quite as well as an elise, its still surprisingly capable and handles far better than most hot hatches.

My previous cars were a Mk2 Golf GTI and a Clio 182 and neither car was a patch on the teg. Great car, I possibly may never sell it...

9th Apr 2008, 04:17

It doesn't handle anywhere near as well as an Elise. In fairness, neither does much else.

26th May 2008, 03:26

It does handle as well as an Elsie, and an Exige, at least in the hands of an average driver. A skilled and experienced track driver could no doubt be quicker in an Exige, but for the same skill and effort, the Integra will be quicker, I have seen this first hand on several track days, the last one being two days ago.

26th May 2008, 11:52

Heavier and front wheel drive. No it doesn't. You can't make excuses for driver skill. Given a skilled driver, the Lotus is in a different league.

Far too many Honda fanboys on this site.

16th Aug 2008, 19:28

I'm just after reading your comments.

I'm driving a 00 model Integra Type-R with a set 0f 18 inch Akuma white wheels semi deepdish. Full Mugen kit, (really rare and cool with side skirts), carbon hood with carbon GT style wing, seam welded chrome pipe from throttle body to k&n filter, aka cold air induction kit.

Lowered and hardened on k sport coilovers.. Factory exhaust with Mugen cat back, and to top it off, Spoon ECU with 10000 rev limit.

My point is lads, nothing to beat this, looks or speed wise at least in the category of cars you are discussing.

And in terms of handling, mental, and it retains reliability and comfort...