10th Jun 2006, 03:45

I have an integra LS full automatic, it was great and I cannot forget it till now. the best with it pick up, grip an (ignition relay, sometimes no spark and engine killed.

But still great.

6th Jan 2007, 17:43

I had a manual Integra LS for 11 years. It was my second car. I had bought it brand new in 1991 and sold it in 2001 as I was moving overseas. The college student who bought it from me was a big fan of Integra and I sold it to him for less than other offers. I loved that car. Not a single problem in 11 years. Nothing has been broken, nothing has been replaced. They don't make cars like that anymore. After Integra I got more expensive, pretty impressive cars, last one was almost 3 times the cost of a brand new Integra, but I never had the same joy of riding. Never had the feeling that, no matter what, my car would be running. I wish I could go back and find my car.

21st May 2008, 12:41

I completely agree!!!

I bought my 1991 Integra GS about 7 years ago; it had about 180,000km, and is reaching the 350,000 mark.

Since I bought it, the only thing I have done to the car is ball joints. And the 1 tune up after the second year of purchase. The vehicle never let me down! And like someone wrote, I never was scared about motor, tranny and other parts on it, because it runs the same today as it did seven years ago when I bought it!!!

9th Dec 2013, 02:21

Hi, how do I turn the fog lights on?? I can't find where to turn them on?? I know the Japanese models have it attached to the dash next to the sunroof button, but I can't find where to turn them on in my NZ LS model. Help me please.