11th Nov 2010, 10:10

I was given an automatic Jazz as a rental. The 1.4 engine for an automatic is a crazy idea. The car has no power, especially on a highway up hills, which results you putting your full foot flat till it engages a low gear. Quite embarrassing when a truck or bus over takes you while the little engine huffs and puffs. Gear box is jerky, I will attest to that too.

2nd Aug 2012, 19:18

I cannot agree on the A pillar, that it helps with blind spots. In my opinion, it actually creates a blind spot. A couple of times when approaching a pedestrian crossing, I was surprised that I hadn't noticed pedestrians crossing. As you approach a crossing, pedestrians are getting closer to the middle of the road, and are always in that blind A pillar spot until they they get right in front of you, and a couple of times they looked at me with a face questioning "Are you blind?". I haven't owned anything as silly as that A pillar; at least they should make it thinner, like the Yaris has.

28th Jan 2013, 05:02

I had a 2009 Honda Fit in the US for 3 years and loved it. I just moved to Europe and bought another 2009 Fit.

After owning this car for a short time, I wondered why they need to make any other car. In the US, I never got less than 40 MPG. In Europe, I get about 5.1L/100 km. In both cases, I am working to burn as little fuel as possible. I get the best gas mileage at about 45 mph. I calculated fuel usage rates from actual fuel volume at the pump. The MPG gauges in both cars were about 10% optimistic. I typically drive the speed limit and rarely exceed it. If I am going the speed limit, anyone behind me can either feel free to pass or they can wait.

My car can carry my road bicycle standing up (with the front wheel removed) and can carry my 29" mountain bike inside, but it is tight.

The stereo is great.

My European model has 15" tires, which ride better than the 16" tires I had in the US. I switched from US cars to my first Honda (Odyssey) in 1999, and I became a Honda fan. That mini-van was totally abused by my wife for 10 years, and it took everything she could give it.