1994 Honda Legend 3.2 from Malaysia


The meaning comfort, performance, reliability and quality


Radio reception gave away due to faulty antenna.

General Comments:

Stern looking with a sporty touch.

You can run down your German counterpart or a stock Evo by the neck if you push this baby.

On the streets she's silent.

Very comfortable and very reliable.

The 3.2 litre block, is one of the best engine's, Honda has produced, as many counterparts today don't even have the nuts or bolts to match the equilibrium between performance and reliability that Honda has achieved.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

1994 Honda Legend 3.2 from UK and Ireland


Big car for those who do not want attention


One of the anti-lock break sensors failed.

The air conditioner idler tension cable failed.

A rust spot came through the rear panel of the boot lid.

Rust on both sets of drivers side door hinges.

Oil pressure warning light comes on even when there is sufficient oil.

General Comments:

I feel I have been a bit unlucky with my car and I suspect it was maybe not that well made in the first place. There are various rattles and squeaks from under the dashboard and around the door lock on the drivers side and around the middle pillar where the seat belt is. It has not been totally reliable, but then neither was my last car a Honda Accord. My parents have run Hondas for years with no great problems, so I just feel unlucky.

Good performance, OK ride, poor handling.

Good interior space, very good boot space.

Poor performance from the air conditioning, but even with the leather seats it does not get too warm inside if sitting in the direct sun.

Very well equipped, seat adjustment excellent for tall people with bad backs.

Stylish, rare, does not attract thieves.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

1994 Honda Legend 4-Door Saloon 3.2 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing ! The car is built to last.

General Comments:

Fantastic build quality. Much better than a BMW or a Mercedes for the same price. With HONDA's reputation as a quality manufacturer this certainly is reflected in this car. Luxurious, fast and extremely rare with excellent residual value. Who needs a MERC or BMW?

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Review Date: 9th August, 1998

12th Jan 2002, 03:23

A very nice car by the sounds of it. No picture though.