1999 Honda Logo 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Cracker wee thing with attitude!


Very little; before I got it I believe the dealer had to re-pressurise the air conditioning unit and did a small amount of rust work on the door.

Its window wiping is very enthusiastic so it isn't as efficient as it could be, and it seems to go through the rubber wipers faster than other cars I've had...

Had a faulty battery at the start, but that's not "Smurfette's" fault. Changed it and now she's a reliable starter.

Left back door locks itself periodically, which IS a pain with a baby, and recently the boot won't stay open consistently so you have to hold it or watch your head (until I get it repaired), and at some point the "what's coming up check" tells me I'll need a new steering arm, but that was a couple of warrants ago and they're still happy with it. I've had a restricted driver knock her out of gear on a hill, but never had that issue again myself.

We had a wee patch where the electrics of the head lights played up - the auto electrician said it was dust on a contact; brushed 'em and it hasn't recurred.

The wheels are a slightly odd size, which is not stock standard, so I put slightly bigger ones on which means the speedo will be a bit out, but I've done a lot of km in her without any issues.

General Comments:

My criteria was to get a small runabout car that I could fit a small wood pallet into the back of and which would be OK for road trips. It's a zippy wee thing with good fold down boot space; doesn't look much, but fun - feels like a go cart or buggy to drive, and it's amazing the amount of stuff you can haul in it - I've hauled bales of straw, a goat, gardening gear, weed wacker, lawn mower and a water blaster...

I love it for its 'compact largeness' and the fuel efficiency... $140.00 NZD for roughly 800km or more. Generally I'm not hauling things and have no issues overtaking or on hills - that was my one qualm about getting a 1300cc car again... loaded up to the gunnels with people and/or gear you would feel it though, but she's still a nice cruiser in 100km zones on car trips. Easily does 120km/h as I suddenly found to my horror in the last roadie, but at least on my own - not by having a cop or camera point it out!

Mine was owned by a granny for a town runabout, and I've taken it on 3 road trips around the country and a little mild off road tracks. My brother is tall and doesn't fit in the back so well, but the front seats are OK for him. The seat belts won't fit super large humans. There are power windows in the front and manual winders in the back. To front-face my baby I'll need to install a bolt.

My initial plan was to keep this car a couple of years and then pass it along to avoid any issues from a 16 year old car, but I've recently decided she's too dinky, reliable, fun to drive and likable to do that with as yet. I got a tow ball put on so I can carry my bike or borrow a small trailer occasionally for light loads like straw or the goat and sheep.

Though I do miss my 4wd truck, she fits the current needs, but I'd love to get the '98 4WD model - it would be able to go places many wider based cars had chewed up and couldn't go any more!

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Review Date: 8th March, 2016

1999 Honda Logo 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Slow but reliable



General Comments:

Bought this off an old guy that did 100,000 Kms in it each year. Regularly serviced, has had a cam belt every year, water pump, spark plugs, etc, etc, etc, and she's still going.

You remove the rocker cover and it looks like new, amazing. Still on its first clutch too.

Seriously, if you want a reliable car that keeps going, there yah go.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2012