2016 Honda Mobilio E 1.5 from Philippines


Sporty, comfortable, premium feel, and has impressive fuel consumption

General Comments:

This is my second review on this website. Previously, I have written a review of my 2012 Toyota Avanza, which you can check on this website.

I replaced my 4 year-old Toyota Avanza with this car after I test drove it. I was really impressed with the car. It feels more premium than my Avanza and ironically, it also costs less.

The interior has a nicer quality than the Avanza and the doors feel more solid when I close it. The height is shorter, but it makes the car more stable at higher speed. Width is also narrower, which I can feel through my elbow. At first, my wife didn't like the smaller interior, but she is okay with it now. After driving the Avanza for 4 years, I can totally feel the extra length of Mobilio's bonnet, which makes it a bit harder to use at tight corners, but still acceptable for Filipino roads. The seats are very well-designed to be comfortable and supportive.

The engine is very smooth and quiet, especially when compared to the Avanza, which does make a little screaming sound. The transmission is so much better than the Avanza. It also has better fuel economy, which is one of the main reasons why I bought this car earlier than I was planning to.

The steering is sharper and more responsive. Thanks to its lower height, the car feels a lot more stable than the Avanza on the highway. Suspension is also stiffer, but still soft enough for Filipino roads.

Overall, I am really happy with this car. It is sportier, more comfortable, and has better fuel economy than the Avanza. I like my Avanza too, but the Mobilio is like a much better car. This is my first Honda and I will definitely buy another Honda in the future.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2017