2011 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 from North America


Thought it would be better


Had to change the front and rear brakes at around 48000 kilometers, and the transmission shifts hard between third and fourth...

General Comments:

Bought the van after reading comments and reviews that were generally very good... too good!

Learned after I bought the van that all V6s from Honda (should have read the owner's manual before buying... My fault!) have a TIMING BELT to change. What! Even at 160000 km, it costs at the dealer over 1500$ including water pump, plus belt tensioners, oil, antifreeze etc, plus labour... Sure, I can do it all by myself and save money.

Every summer I haul a 2100lb small boat almost every weekend, and I can feel and see that the Odyssey doesn't like it. It's having brake and probably transmission problems, and drinks more gas than my previous Sienna, which I thought was boring to drive during eleven years.

Now I'm planning to return back to a Toyota... boring, but so much more peace of mind. My brother bought a 2012 Sienna, and what a difference we felt when it hauled my boat, family, and all of our summer stuff... confirming my regrets!

One good thing the Odyssey has is its road handling, which is fantastic for a van, but with my family and our boat, I realized too late I do not need that much of this edge.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2013