13th Aug 2007, 13:08

I replace all of the OEM batteries in all of my cars with Sears Die-Hard batteries once the original battery fails. You just can't beat the reliability and price of the Die-Hard in my opinion. I've done this with all of my vehicles over the last 20 years and have yet to have a Die-Hard fail.

29th Aug 2007, 09:50

My Pilot has the same issue with the battery. Won't start if I leave the interior lights on for just a few minutes. However, this ABSOLUTELY is the ONLY negative comment I can make about it. Excellent vehicle.

8th Nov 2007, 16:40

If that's the only gripe, then I think the Pilot is doing pretty good.

18th Nov 2007, 16:29

I bought our 2006 Pilot EX-L new, because I was so impressed with the 2002 Accord SE V6 I bought new for my wife.

More road noise than my 2002 Ford Explorer... also the Explorer rode smoother and did not 'squat' as much with a couple of suitcases in trunk. That said, so far the Pilot is just sooooooo far ahead of Explorer. It is not perfect, but rates 'great' and as of today, I would buy another without hesitation.

4th Jan 2010, 21:05

We bought our 2006 Pilot new, and it now has 60,000 miles with no warranty problems.

The OEM tires Bridgestone Duelers were awful in snow, and the Pilot was much improved with Yokohama Geolanders.

We live in NY state, and salt ruined the front brake rotors at 60,000 miles, which has been the only repair, which I really don't consider a Honda problem.

We have owned and drove over 60,000 miles; a Jeep Grand Cherokee, two Suburbans and a Ford Expedition, which all required more repairs than the Pilot.

The Pilot also gets better mileage, although it is not great; 18-19 winter and 20-22 summer. The larger SUVs are also better tow vehicles for heavy trailers. The Pilot tows small to medium trailers well.

8th May 2012, 19:14

As far as the battery issue goes, I worked out of my Honda all summer on a construction site. I used the radio for hours at a time, and never had a battery issue. My battery is one of the better ones from Auto Zone. If the Honda battery is not great, it's not all that expensive to switch it out for one that will last longer.