1985 Honda Prelude S 1.8 Carbureted from North America


Legendary handling, reliable, but needs power


Sticky hazard light button (which is easily fixed by re-greasing the button track)

Handbrake needs adjusting.

Minor rust on the wheel wells.

Every time I pull the dash off theres a new rattle.

General Comments:

Everything works fine. Car has never had significant engine problems.

Fully independent and very tight suspension makes for a fun ride. Handling is comparable to a Porsche 944.

Power is somewhat lacking, but this is likely due to engine residue, which should be repairable with a decent fuel additive (highly recommended). The car is a viable platform for almost any other Honda engine through the use of 86-89 accord mounts. (placeracing)

Very roomy for even the tallest of folks. Seats comparable to recliners.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2002

1985 Honda Prelude 1.8L dual carb from North America


Fun to drive, if you can keep it running


Dual carburetor setup is a constant source of headache trying to balance. The rat's nest of vacuum hoses attached to these carburetors are always coming loose or leaking. These problems cause a wide variety of poor performance.

Valves won't stay adjusted in the engine.

Myself servicing it, and several mechanics have not been able to figure out why the battery kept going dead at random times. Alternators, voltage regulators, and many other electrical parts replaced in attempt to solve the problem.

Car kept overheating, and this problem eventually made it meet it's demise. Another hard to diagnose problem that resulted in many parts replaced without solving the problem.

Air conditioning compressor self-destructed, and took out the power steering pump with it.

Had to replace the brakes on all 4 wheels to the tune of $900.

General Comments:

This car has really tight handling, and is really fun to drive when it ran, but I think I would have more luck with an MG or other British sports car. At least one of those have predictable problems, and the parts don't cost a fortune. This car frequently broke weird, hard to find parts that were very expensive!

This car would be perfect with a small V6, and rear-wheel drive. It just needs a little more torque. The rear-wheel drive would help the weight balance. I can't complain about the handling too bad though, it stuck to the road like it was glued!

The interior is very comfortable. The seats really hold you in place. Tall people like myself have plenty of room to spread out. The back seat though is terribly small, and suitable only for a small child.

Honda really dropped the ball though on general fit and finish. I have not seen the Honda reliability image that everyone seems to talk about in this car. Anybody riding in this car can just tell from the way the lights brighten and dim with engine speed, the clattering of the valves, and many other things that this car was a problem child. I saw many design shortfalls that looks like the engineers were laying down on the job when this car was being created

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Review Date: 1st July, 2002

1985 Honda Prelude 1.8 dual carb from North America


A bargin with a lot of problems


Well I bought this car recently and the seats were in very poor shape. I went and bought seat cover. Paint is fading bad. The power steering has a major leak.

General Comments:

I bought this car in poor shape for 600$. which wasn't bad it still ran fine. then bout week later alternator fell out the bottom of the car, clutch went out, and power steering was gone. But over all its always made me home.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2002

22nd Jun 2002, 05:51

I don't see how you could even think of buying any car for $600 and not expect any problems like the ones you are having. Go out and get yourself a 2001 prelude and add a cold air intake, Arospeed Carbon Fiber Muffler - 4" Straight Cut Tip, Greddy headers, and Wings West body kit avenger style, you'll completely change your mind about prelude's. The one thing that puzzles me about many people is that they always complain about the space in the back of the prelude. First off I'd like to say it's not supposed to be a Lincoln Navigator fit to hold 5000 people, and secondly if you think the cars small why would you buy it in the first place.

Peace out.