1997 Honda Prelude Si-R 2.2 vtec from Australia and New Zealand


Good compromise between performance and Fuel efficiency


Well I haven't had any problems with it so far.

General Comments:

For those of you who say their turbo 2 liter car is faster I have to agree, but not by much. My previous car was a 1989 Mitsubishi Gallant VR4 and up to 160 km the prelude would eat it

Handling is extremely good for a FWD car on a twisty road would be a lot faster than most FWD turbo cars

Cabin room well... You can carry a passenger and a lot of luggage comfortably

Seats are a little on the firm side, but grip your kidneys nicely when sideways

Extremely cheap to run (if you keep off VTEC)

Biggest gripe I have is any serious car modifications will set you back a lot of money for not as much as gain as a turbo.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2004

1997 Honda Prelude 2.2L VTEC from North America


I'm keeping this car forever...I'm hooked on my Prelude!


The master and slave cylinders for the clutch hydraulics had leaks at 104,000 miles. I paid $600 to have it fixed along with a leaky axle and transmission service.

Emergency brake light randomly turns on when you use the brakes and then turns off after a few minutes while car is in motion.

The rubber stripping along door windows keep popping out. I've been able to keep it under control, but now it's beginning to rust.

I'm noticing slight rusting around the exterior of my sunroof.

General Comments:

My prelude has been very reliable and great on handling. I can take sharp turns without sliding.

The interior is cozy and still in great shape after 6 years.

Lots of trunk and backseat space, although the foot room in the backseat is quite limited.

The exterior is so sleek, it looks like it costs more than it does.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

1997 Honda Prelude VTi 2.2 from UK and Ireland


Good performance for little money, not for long motorway use


Air Conditioning failed, large bill to repair.

Stereo stopped working for no reason.

General Comments:

Stylish car with a very responsive engine.

Not really built for long distances, seats start to get really uncomfortable after about 90 minutes driving.

Road noise is really bad on motorways and at higher speeds.

Good handling, and smooth gearbox.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2003

1997 Honda Prelude TypeS 2.2 VTEC from UK and Ireland


A high performance luxury coupe


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

For those not familiar with this model, it is a Japanese Import TypeS model, not the American Type S / Type SH model. It has a few performance improvements over the standard British VTI 183hp/200hp model. This version has 220 Hp, a stiffer suspension setup, an electronically controlled LSD, and a customised interior. In terms of performance on the road it is easily on par with the Honda / Acura Integra Type-R. The 0-60 time is in the low-sixes and it does the quarter mile in the high 14's. Performance is only half of it though because although the ride is stiff it is very comfortable to drive on the motorway. Also, the car has massive grip and very precise steering despite being FWD.

Overall, If you live in the UK / Australia where Japanese imports are fairly common this is worth seeking out in the classifieds, but it is very rare - I have never seen another one apart from mine. Highly recommended.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2003

6th Sep 2003, 00:22

I live in New Zealand. Guess what I saw in my local car yard? 1997 Type-S with ATTS. I originally went in to test drive a SiR that was there also. Forgot about that the second I saw the 'S'. Great Handling, All the extras that a car with an extra zero on the price tag would be proud of.

It is now under offer!

15th Aug 2004, 11:28

Type S is a great car. I own 4th gen prelude, I think 5th gens are moore of luxury coupe and 4th are moore sporty. Type S is still great. One guy swapped this engine in his 4th gen, 4th is lighter and with that engine it's a beast!!!

7th Nov 2004, 18:48

I timed my Type S with a G-Tech and got 6.2 0-60mph, havn't tried a quarter yet.

4th Dec 2007, 02:39

I just bought one of these cars.a 1997 type S with ATTS and I can't wait to drive it home from CHCH :)

Brilliant cars as my last car was a 1997 SiR Prelude.