1999 Honda Prelude Base 2.2L VTEC from North America


Everyone I know wants one, too bad they are pricey


Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

An aftermarket stereo system was hard to install due to the standard "Acoustic Feedback System", additional work needed to be done, but it was very much. Also, lots of speakers do not fit the rear deck due to the trunk hinges. Sony Xplodes and Fosgates, for example.

The 30K and 60K mile services were on the expensive side at about $410-440 each.

General Comments:

Amazing vehicle. 200HP yet 30-31mpg on highway trips. VTEC engine noise past 5000RPM is thrilling. Low-end power isn't the best, but its much better than Civic or Integra VTEC's. Handles flat, makes you feel like you are in a race car, yet rides comfortably enough on city streets. Back seat is much larger than the last model and although not roomy, it is good for a 2+2 sports coupe. Trunk is decent, as is interior storage. Could be quieter on the highway, but then again, it's a sports coupe. I like the simple, logical interior. Seats are supportive. Steering is amazing. Visibility is good. Shifter is the best I've ever tried.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2002

1999 Honda Prelude vtec vtec from North America


No character, Consumer's car


No problems except the radio malfunctioned.

Ex-company car.

You think I would pay money for this garbage?

General Comments:

Car lacks any kind of quality feel to it.

Interior looks like the same materials they make Civic interiors out of.

Styling is not classic, and will look out of date in a few years. Typical of Japanese cars.

Handles like a souped up Civic.

Sounds like a souped up Civic.

A good car for a college girl or a member of Nsync.

Engine has no power whatsoever at low and mid-ranges. Power comes in at ridiculously high revs, along with the gnashing and wailing that comes from the hood and single pipe. Sounds like its in pain. Car starts moving. No in between.

The auto-stick is a total gimmick.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

29th Oct 2002, 17:27

Good point! Did you forget you were driving a 4 cylinder? For the engine size this car provides a lot of power and the car handles exceptionally well. I would have to agree the interior is somewhat outdated and cheap looking, but I don't mind it.

16th Apr 2003, 20:31

Come on, don't be all stuck up. It's just a Honda, it lasts forever and is about as average as it gets.

Sure beats an American or German car in reliability any day. It's a sad fact that those German cars have the same build quality as American cars. Did the quality of the American cars go up, or did the German cars fall to the low level of the American ones?

In the end, we will all be driving Japanese cars. As each American car company goes bankrupt (Oldsmobile) or gets caught for drug trafficking (Delorean), that's one less company to worry about. Did you hear, the S2000 beat the M3's redline... what's next?

1999 Honda Prelude Type S 2.2L from North America


Cheap man's Lamborghini


Nothing has gone terribly wrong. I have made slight racing modifications including sway bars and new racing springs. I added a turbo kit which increased performance ten fold.

General Comments:

This is an awesome car. Not the fastest on the takeoff, but once you get going it will scream when the VTEC kicks in.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2001

12th Oct 2003, 00:33

Hey, sorry if I'm bugging you, but if someone wouldn't mind telling me how fast does this car go?

10th Feb 2004, 14:19

I did not see a response to the first comment, so I will respond to it.

I have the 1998 Base model. In terms of top speed, I have taken the car to 140mph.. it was no slouch to get there, the VTEC loves the higher rpms.. In terms of acceleration - from a standing start and controlled launch, I have taken the car to 55 mph within about the length of 2 tractor trailers ->in 2nd gear and about 6500rpm before I shifted to 3rd..