10th Feb 2003, 12:02

Ya I own a prelude just got it at a junk yard for 375 dollars... it runs great doesn't look all that great, but I can deal with it especially because it is my first car. I had to replace the outer CV joint on the right side and new hub bearings, but other than that it's a great little car... hehe all my friends want to have one :)

26th Jul 2003, 07:17

I still own my 1982 Prelude that I bought in 1984. After 197,000 miles it still runs strong and have recently started restoration of the body and interior. For all of you who have owned one, you know what great cars these are. I hope to have the body work and paint done in a couple of weeks. So far the clean up has gone well, can't wait to see the body back to original condition.

12th Nov 2003, 04:11

Just read your comments on ownership and am pleased to hear how reliable they and of your enthusiasm. I have just discovered the early Prelude and bought one here in the UK. They are pretty rare now and this has to be the best car I have owned in 20 years. I will be restoring it sometime soon hopefully for long term ownership. A car with character, make no mistake!!!

4th Jun 2004, 20:41

I bought my 1982 prelude for $400.00 a year ago with 68,500 original miles. I love it. Everything is so cheap when I have to fix anything. A fun and dependable car.

27th Sep 2004, 08:45

We have a 1982 Honda Prelude, actually 2 of them, that we bought from a local junkyard and have rebuilt. Great looking sporty car with sunroof and plenty of room. The problem we have is that we need a carburetor and have not been able to find one. A previous owner of one of the cars installed an Accord Carburetor with about a zillion vacuum lines and we can't get the car to run right with this one.

Please help.

30th Jul 2007, 17:31

G'day to all, I live in Australia. In the process of acquiring a Prelude 82' from a nice old bloke who seems to have treated very well. It will be my first car, can anyone vouch for its reliability?..write to me for anything I have to watch out for please... auctorum@hotmail.com.

6th Jun 2008, 11:41

I bought a metallic blue 82 prelude with 80,000 miles on it for $800 with some body rust and rough looking paint. I drove it for 7 years and probably added 100,000 miles to it. Only had to replace the fan belts and battery/alternator and plugs (Maybe $100 in parts. Did work myself) while I owned it. Ran like a dream the whole time. Finally sold it, years ago, in a garage sale for $300 after getting a nicer looking car. I wish I'd kept that car with today's gas prices. It really sipped at the fuel.. I'm actually looking to buy another...

16th Oct 2011, 23:34

I brought my Prelude in 2008. She is a 1600cc manual NZ new with only 84,000K on the clock. With only 1 elderly lady owner, she is also really tidy

Having had her for 4 years, I have done absolutely nothing to it (passed 8 warrants), but just this week I had some rust removed. She is an absolute rare classic, and a real head turner (especially in gold).

As soon as I brought a house with a garage, I wanted to go to a classic, and thought it would end up being British, but when I came across the Prelude I fell in love. I used to own an Accord of the same year, and it was awesome.

I am currently using it on a daily basis, but due to the fact that parts are extremely hard to get (especially body parts), I think she may be getting retired to a Sunday car only.

I absolutely love driving her, and hope to be able to keep her on the road for many years to come.