21st Apr 2006, 12:32

I have a 91 Prelude SR and I blew my engine. Cannot find a replacement engine anywhere. It is a b21a1 and I need help finding one. if anyone can help me out that would be awesome.

23rd Apr 2006, 21:46

I own a 91 Prelude, and to answer the last comment, look for a B20a from Japan. They have around 140 horse and will not burn oil. Also usually very low kms. The B21a1 is known for burning oil and the rebuild costs as much or more than the b20a. Search around on Preludepower.com; it has a lot of info on our cars; you've just got to search.

20th Dec 2007, 13:49


I just bought a Honda prelude SR (Canadian model) with a B21A1 engine (i think). After I bought it I did a compression test and I found that my number one piston has 0 compression. I have no idea whats the problem if you how to fix this please tell me. You can contact at Margon_evangelist@hotmail.com.

19th Jan 2008, 17:54

Owned a SR for two years now. Came with a b21a1, which is a 2.05 litre, known as 2.1 engine. Car burned oil every freakin' day, I had to put about half litre every morning. So much so that one day in Downtown Toronto traffic, I had a cop come out of his car to tell me to fix the smell. And he was in front of me, not behind at a traffic light.

Well finally this December it blew one cylinder. Got an engine from http://www.jdmtigerjapanese.com/. It's a B20a, cost me $600 for the engine, $600 for putting in. Although gotta say my mechanic was annoyed as he had to swap lots of parts from an older one. Anyways, she's perfect now. Have not had to put a drop of oil since 6 weeks now.

I recommend B20a. BTW, I was told mine has about 55,000 kms on it, since it's JDM.

27th Sep 2009, 18:50

I know these are old comments.. but if you found this by searching Yahoo or Google, maybe these answers can help.

To the first comment... when you roll to the stop, and want to put it in first and it won't go... just pump the clutch once or twice.. and it should go right in to gear.... I have heard the transmissions lasting as far as 300,000 miles...

#2... clean or replace the servo for the headlight "eyelids". Check your local pick n pull (wrecking yard); you can find foglight replacements on ebay...

#3 Yeah me too... the looks!!

#8... JDM engine and a trip to the muffler shop.

After 20 years, most of these cars have finished their first life and are now in need of engines... however, since not many of these cars were manufactured in the first place JDM (Japananese Domestic Market) engines are harder and harder to locate... they are still to be found... search Google and email the JDM engine importers... these engines can be found... or rebuilt by your local machine shop... via your local mechanic...

To build a 20 year old 200,000 mile car to be like new is very costly... but the engine is the place to start... Honda cars can run a very very long time... but like anything mechanical, you need to maintain the service schedule... you can get the original service schedule from Honda or?? And continue to replace parts on a regular basis... oil 3000 miles, not 6-12000, timing belt 40,000, axles, bushings, bearings, seals & o-rings... oh my.

11th May 2010, 03:31

I have a 91 Prelude. It's leaking oil from where I have no idea. Jiffy Lube told me my oil gasket. I took it to a mechanic and he told me a hose. I had ordered the gasket, but when I listen to the mechanic, I sent it back. Does any one know?

Also my A/C compressor won't come on. Is it no good or do I need freon?