10th Feb 2004, 05:36

Original Poster here!

Yes of course us blokes are capable of getting emotional over something this special. There's just something about the Lude.

Hard to see why sometimes - it's in no way perfect, has a drink problem (only 98RON will do) and costs a fortune to keep in top condition.

One of the last Japanese cars with real personality?

6th Sep 2007, 06:37

I've driven turbo cars and V-tec civic, prelude, integra, etc.

Theres just something special about the V-tec engine; the sound change is awesome and the way the car delivers the power is brilliant. I would take a V-tec over a turbo any time.

6th Sep 2007, 16:27

I just sold my turbo Integra Type R... best of both worlds; turbo and vtec.

6th Dec 2007, 06:21

I've just purchased an accord type r in black, you must be a brave guy selling it and buying a wrx, what was going through your head, the accord type r is awesome in every way, I would never sell mine.

26th Dec 2007, 03:13

I've had an Integra Type R (best car I ever owned). Never heard of an Accord Type R... any idea what that's called in Australia?

20th Jan 2010, 13:59

It might be called Accord Euro R, but I'm not sure it has ever been imported in your country.

I agree with the first reviewer, there is something special about the Prelude.

I have owned many Honda (Civic 1.6i16, Civic VTi EK4) and they where way below my Prelude vtec BB1 in terms of driving pleasure.

The 2.2 engine always responds when you accelerate. You never feel out of power and the sound is absolutely awesome. Nothing compares with the 1.6 B16 engine of the Civic VTi.

Of course engine capacity is higher on the Prelude, but the way it delivers its power is way better.

In the Civic you could go to 8500rpm and feel the engine wants to go even higher. At the beginning it looks great, but if you look at your speed you think "I'm not going that fast".

I agree with the fact that 4th gen Prelude design is of the sexiest Honda have ever created as Pininfarina as contributed to it.

Apart of the S2000 and the NSX, I see no other Honda which offers sex appeal and classicism in a same body.