2002 Honda Torneo 1.8L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent choice for a medium sized car, and amazing reliability and economy


Central locking stopped working on the left rear door a few weeks after purchase; haven't bothered to fix it.

Changed front engine mount at 65000 km. Cost only $100.

General Comments:

Bought it to replace my '95 Honda Inspire, which I used for the taxi business in Auckland, and was absolutely amazing and without any problems during the two years and 65000 km I put on it.

The Torneo has been amazing and indestructible since I got it. I have used it in my taxi business, and so far have driven it for 43000 kms in Auckland. Even though it has 1.8 liter engine, it has plenty of power for the hilly streets of Auckland, even with five big adults passengers.

The transmission is smooth and give plenty of power, whenever you need it, and the fuel economy is very good too; I have been getting 11/12 kms per liter, even though I have a habit of cruising in downtown areas, and don't shut down the engine when I stop at ranks for a few minutes. Once I drove it to Tauranga, a 600kms trip, and got about 15kms per liter.

I am so impressed with it that I am trying to convince my wife to get one, as she has sold Mitsubishi Chariot couple of days ago, and she thinks she should get something different. Hopefully we will get another Torneo soon.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2011