1990 HSV VN SS Group A 4997 v8 from Australia and New Zealand


The true Aussie muscle car!


The steering rack needed replacing.

Fuel tank was damaged because the car sits so low.

The front spoiler is easily damaged pulling out of driveways and gutters, take care!

This car draws attention, much of it unwelcome. The local police have found it fun to pick on me for obvious reasons. I have also been the victim of idiot vandals who have ruined my paint twice.

General Comments:

This car hammers! I have made a 'few' subtle engine improvements such as a complete engine rebuild by Pavtek in Melbourne and it is an absolute weapon in a straight line.

The already excellent handling has been improved by a radical lowering job which has it sitting about 7 cm off the ground!

I have had it re sprayed in pearlescent blue and it is a stunning car visually as well as in performance.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2001

2nd Nov 2002, 02:13

Did you want to sell the car and how much are you asking.

26th Jul 2003, 21:41


I just bought a VN group a as well. I would have to agree with you they are a pretty awesome car, but theres a couple of things I don't agree with that seems to be popular. firstly these cars were built to race on circuits, not 1/4 miles, and definitely don't look the part one the drag strip, one thing I did notice about mine when I got it is how solid it feels when cornering hard. the engine is a bit on the soft side, but that's easily changed. the other thing that makes me shudder is hearing that these cars are painted in a different color from the original. oh well as long as yours are modified it makes mine even rarer.

1989 HSV VN SS Group A No:165 Standard Group A from Australia and New Zealand


A weapon on wheels


The diff broke quickly.

Gearbox is also on the way out.

Rims needed re-alignment.

Rebuilt the motor after 70000kms and replaced the cam and chip.

The rest of the car is standard Group A.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and it handles like it's on rails.

Ran a 13.54 @ 120mph with the diff on the way out.

The standard 6 speed allows me to do well over 240kph if the person I'm racing can keep up with that.

The old highway diff has been swapped with a lower ratio version, still LSD.

This car is a showroom stunner, and would have been a weapon when it first came out.

Haven't seen another VN SS Group A like it.

I am unaware of any other mods to the motor, but the chip, cam combo is meant to give me over 250kw at the flywheel.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001

25th Mar 2004, 17:36

490kw and you ran that time, to be honest that's SLOW. My mates XR6 TURBO has 490KW dyno tested on 8psi with mods and he ran a 10.90... But I will say the older Holden V8's kill the new Gen3's. They are slugs.

27th Dec 2005, 08:02

That's seriously slow I just ran my vn SS group A and it ran a high 10 with only a few mods like head and cam work, full 3 inch exhaust and extractors I've also blue printed the motor and put a two speed power glide gearbox... so mate get your box checked because that's not a beast that puts vn SS group A to shame I could beat you in 1st.

7th Jan 2006, 22:23

Sounds To me like a lot of you are just posting Dream Times. I have a VN Calais with a simple V6, completely rebuilt with Chip and New 2.5 inch exhaust. This does 14.2 Seconds with 155KW according to Dyno. Nothing Special.

8th Jan 2006, 18:05

Read it and load of drivel.

God my VY SV8 will make people run for their money.

Gen 3's slug who ever wrote that should go out on the track one day.

19th Mar 2006, 20:08

All your cars sound like slugs.. i have a VN wagon with a fully worked 308 storked to 355..6 speed box and a straight through 3inch twin system exhaust..I'm pulling high 11s and low 12s over the quarter mile...