8th Jan 2004, 15:33

The H2 was created, meant for people who'd desire off anf on-road performance at the same time. The H1 lacks this.

6th Feb 2004, 20:42

I totally agree! Hummer is just a big truck. Why bother owning one! You can take a Subaru Outback everywhere a Hummer H2 can go. So just forget about it.

5th Mar 2004, 19:28

As A H2 owner it's a great vehicle if you like it! I had a Jeep for 7 years a grand cherokee limited edition and the vehicle was in the shop more than at my home. I then went with a GMC envoy which I loved, but wanted the H2 I love the H2 but a lot of people can't efford them and get a little jealous and talk down the H2. If you can efford it go for it. If you can't afford it go on with your life, but don't knock a vehicle you have never driven before.

GO H2!!!

22nd Mar 2004, 15:08

I owned a Dodge Ram 2500HD. I didn't need the Pickup tray just the pulling power and tow rating.

The H2 drives like a 4WD car when compared to a pickup truck!

Compared to Jeep's etc., I can understand the big feel intimidation.

Having driven a Suburban, the Hummer wins every time in on-road handling alone.


23rd Mar 2004, 12:00

You complaint about people who can't spell and then type "ans" instead of and, that is ironic, funny and just plain stupid, this thing has the spell check page. In regards to your second comment, the H2 is a GM mass produced toy model of a real H1. It designed to recreate the feel of the H1 not the capability, whereas Jeeps, especially the TJ's, are created with off-road capability as a primary goal, not as an afterthought.

10th Apr 2004, 13:38

Hi-do single women ever buy the H2? I am curious as I am doing a marketing assignment on the H2. also, one of the questions asked is why people, presumably guys, buy the Hummer when other luxury SUV's are actually cheaper. Can anyone tell me which markets the H2 marketing team is targeting with the H2?

Allison in Cape Town.

26th Apr 2004, 20:12

Everybody just switch your vehicles in for a Honda Pilot.

11th Jul 2004, 16:38

It's funny how people point out that the H1 was unsuitable for road use - as though they're suggesting that the H2 is!

It's blind spots are enormous, it's handling is clumsy and ponderous - it is overweight and oversized for road use. It's even overweight and over sized for most off-road use too.

The lack of a diesel engine also makes it far too uneconomical for everyday use. I'm sorry that people have been duped into buying such a useless and poorly built vehicle. Even an AMC Gremlin shows better engineering!

29th Aug 2004, 22:27

I have been considering purchasing an H2 for a while. I think the H2 is one of the coolest big cars around. I need it for hauling large amounts of camera equipment. It will also serve me as a marketing tool. I don't get the anger and hate toward this cool big car. What ever happen to "To each his own" I am getting mine. You get what you want. Be happy.

16th Sep 2004, 20:00

First of all, do not expect it to live up to the standards of the H1 because it is not an H1. Second, yes if you buy one it will consume more gas, why is that such a huge surprise. Third, you can't deny the fact that this SUV turns heads and that's why people buy it. Fourth Jeeps are not the most dandy thing to ever hit the market, why do you think the military traded theirs for the Hummer?

PS: Who brought up the thing about the truck and the penis? Is there any relation???

16th Jan 2005, 00:55

"I think I was getting about 15 in the city."

Do you realize the EPA combined city/highway mileage on an H2 is 9.5mpg? And you're saying that 15mpg in the city is bad...

Anyway, I'll just stay with a Subaru Outback that will run circles around the H2, go wherever it can, and gets EPA 25.5 combined city/highway MPG. Try to touch that with an H2... oh, that's right, you can't!

7th Feb 2005, 19:24

It amazing how many of you pessimistic, sarcastic, skeptics who have never driven a hummer take the time to stop by this web site, read every comment get all worked up and add your unintelligent words of wisdom putting down another fine engineering marvel. Nothing beats a North American built truck.

"Get A Life"

If You can't

"Get a Hummer"

15th Feb 2005, 10:23

I do not own a Hummer, but have absolutely no problem with those that do. What concerns me the most on the roadways are all of the 17-year olds out there with the tricked out Honda Civics, driving like idiots. It is amazing how the tree-huggers out there get all worked up and angry at the person who has done well enough to afford a vehicle like the H2. They feel an automotive review forum is the perfect place to shove their agenda down our throats. They want all of us to ride a bicycle to work and use oars to move our boats. Well, all I have to say is get over it! We are Americans and thankfully are free to buy a Hummer if we damn well feel like it. If you want to drive a Honda that gets 30mpg, then good for you. Just do not try to force me to drive one, because I will stick with my big, safe, V-8 powered, gas-guzzling truck that I feel is the safe way to transport my family around town.

14th Mar 2005, 18:21

To the tree hugger who wrote the last comment. Try using the spell check feature that this site offers for future comments, it may help you avoid sounding stupid by your poor use of grammar. On another note, I am not familiar with the Suzuki "Jimmy", I always thought that the "Jimmy" was a GM product. Finally, thank you for teaching all of us 4X4 folks the true purpose of a Hummer, and how dangerous they are due to the weight and large tires. Boy, you straightened us right out!

24th Mar 2005, 14:33

The writer of the above comment makes a valid point: a lot of the people who go out and buy Hummers because they can afford to, have no clue about how to drive them on the road. Off-road is a non-issue because the majority of them never venture off the pavement anyway.

And for the writers of all those comments who claim that criticism of Hummer owners is driven solely by jealousy: may you be mowed down by a speeding H1 being driven by a soccer mom talking on her cell phone who runs the red light!

27th Mar 2005, 19:37

Good evening. These H2 Hummers run on gasoline engines that get in the vicinity of 10 mpg. Why not just build H2s with diesel engines, like the Duramax, to up the mileage?

6th May 2005, 14:26

I am relieved to see a few open minded responses here. I've been involved in the automobile industry for quite a few years, both as a service technician and now as a salesperson. Fixed 'em all, sold 'em all. (well obviously not all makes and models, but the ones being discussed here) First, I think we need to take a step back and acknowledge that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and in saying this, everyone is entitled to own the vehicle they choose. The Hummer H2's fuel consumption keeps coming in to play, but the owners of them knew what kind of EPA they were going to get. It is their problem, not ours. Yes, environmental issues are valid here, but freedom of choice still exists. If you feel an H2 is bad for the environment, please do not purchase one. On the flip side of that, there is nothing wrong with satisfying ones wants and desires. If an H2 does that for you, I say buy one. It is one the most unique automobiles you can purchase.

As for the debate of off-road capability, the H2 is as good as most full size 4x4 pick-ups/SUVs down a rutted trail. No better, no worse. Being overweight does not necessarily mean bad off-road performance. Lets remember that traction is achieved by friction. Traction is the "coefficient" of friction - this factor relates the amount of friction force between two surfaces to the force holding the two surfaces together. Many factors come in to play here.

Off-road enthusiasts may enjoy tooling around in an H2, I've driven them at some dealership's designated testing areas. Having said that, an H2 is not as capable as an H1 (civilian or military).

Somehow a debate between Jeep 4x4 and Hummers arose; it is an impossible comparison to make. They are intended for completely different uses. True Jeep 4x4s, solid axle cherokee xjs, wrangler tjs, cjs, etc. are known as "trail rated" because they are tested and proven on off-road trails; the kind of trails that see lifted and modified trucks tearing along rocky paths and muddy tracks. The video showing the H2 climbing over a rock pile demonstrates my point. The broken tie-rod resulted from improper use of the vehicle. H1s are known to have half-shaft failure in conditions similar to this. They are meant to climb grades and make awkward departures over varying terrain. They are not rock crawlers. I have enjoyed off-road adventures for many years and have enjoyed them in many different vehicle types. It is a blast to drive a 3/4 ton 4x4 with lockers front and rear, lifted 8" and running 44" tires into 3 feet of mud. But, it is also a good time behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, tackling rocks and climbing hills in the woods. And, those test runs in the Hummers at the dealer test sites were a joy as well.

My main point is:

To each his own! (not intended to exclude women from this, but the statement is too good to change)

Thanks for listening to my rambling.