2006 Hyundai Accent 3 Door Hatchback 1.6L from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money



General Comments:

A far cry from 1990s Hyundai workmanship. I am very impressed with its interior finish; although it is plastic everywhere, it doesn't feel cheap and nasty.

1.6 liter engine provides adequate power for day to day use.

Fuel economy of 7.5L/100km which is very reasonable.

Very happy with the MP3/CD stereo system. Steering wheel audio controls are extremely handy.

Plastic interior is however, prone to scratches.

Heated wing mirrors are perfect for cold mornings.

This is my first Hyundai. I am very happy so far.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2008

16th Aug 2008, 01:31

I am the original reviewer. Odometer had just clicked over 35000km on my Accent.

Had the car serviced by a local dealer at 32000km. All was good, Have not had any problems with this vehicle yet.

At the moment 90% of my driving are highway driving.

I am getting about 7L/100km economy out of it.

Road/engine noise at 100km/h is quite noisy but still bearable. for some reason engine's tuned to do 3000rpm @100km/h, rather high I would think.

I may get a set of new tires for my car at the next service.

Overall, a very good value car.

1st Oct 2009, 01:27

It's been 12 mths since my last review.

Just clicked over 50,000km.

Had its 45,000km service in March, All was good.

Only fault I can find is the Squeaky Clutch, sometimes when I put my foot down the clutch it squeaks. Will have it looked at the next service.

Replaced front tyres at 45,000km.

Overall very happy with the car.