2007 Hyundai Accent GS 3 Door Comfort 1.6 liter CVVT DOHC from North America


Best Car in this price range


There are only two things that have issues in this car, both very minor. The gas pedal creeks a little, because I was having to drive this car to the job site. (Dirty joints)

Master Cylinder cap seal leaks.

Both dealer repaired under warranty.

General Comments:

I needed something more reliable than my old Buick was.

My salesman (a good friend) saw me looking at GLS sedans, and because he had received a call from my sister and her husband, he knew that one car in the lot was perfect. Enter the 2007 3 door. It was one of only 3 in a 500 mile radius. And one of the first off the line, (pre-strike built).

It handles better than any car I have ever owned, with the 5 speed, goes 0-60 in about 9 seconds flat. (A little punchier now, with intake on it.)

The interior looks more like that of a car 3,000 dollars more, and the seats cup your body like some sports cars I have driven.

Excellent gas mileage, and the CVVT makes the car a smooth accelerator from 1500 rpm (after clutch release) all the way to rev limit at 6,750 rpm.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2006

2007 Hyundai Accent from North America


Excellent if you plan on driving it "snow free"


Car is still too new for anything to go wrong with it, so I'll have to update when and if there are problems.

General Comments:

So far I like the Accent. It can be pretty peppy when you need the extra little power for passing other vehicles. However don't plan on climbing any tall mountains with great ease, as it lacks long term power boost needed when climbing taller hills etc... Just got back from a 2700km road trip with it, and I must say it was a fun car to use for the trip. Very nice ride for a small car, and like I said, it has lots of passing power and very tight on the road (without snow that is). I have driven many different kinds of vehicles for long road trips, and I have to say, aside from it's lack of power climbing steep hills and mountains, this has been one of the more enjoyable trips.

One hardcore negative, and it could be just me, but I felt the car handled really lousy in snow. Even drifts a few inches high seemed to make the car wander. At one point, driving along a lake, with lake effect snow coming off it onto the roadway, very little snow had accumulated on the road surface, yet I was forced to reduce my speed to 60km/h to avoid being "sucked" off the road due to the snow taking the Accents' wheels "curb ward". The most horrible experience I have ever encountered with any vehicle and with such little snow. It could be that I was a little panicked being a brand new car and all, but I don't think so. I prayed to god that by the time I had to travel that part of the highway on the way back, that the snow would be cleared away.

He answered my prayers.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2006

19th Dec 2006, 08:22

This most likely has to do with your all-season tires vs. the car itself. Get some "performance" snow tires (check out tirerack.com) and you should be fine.

25th Dec 2006, 05:36

I understand the snow issue. I live in Ohio, and learned quickly the Kumho performance tires on the Accent are NOT designed for snow traction. They may say Traction: AA, but even in wet weather I was very disappointed at how loose the car felt. I have a 2007 3 Door, and so even though it's short wheel base (compared to my previous 1995 Buick) makes it drive funny on slick surfaces, the advantage is that when it gets loose, you can usually predict the skid, and correct it. My old Buick the rear end would swing out, and you weren't sure how far it would pull, good thing it was FWD with ABS, that was a horrible winter car. A suggestion for better winter traction in the accent, is well sipped all season/snow tires, like Firestone FR380, or better Bridgestone Blizzak. Hope this helps.

2007 Hyundai Accent sport 1.6 twin cam from North America


You get more than you paid for



General Comments:

Just pick it up today the sport model fully loaded.

Car goes very good, good handling, low cabin noise.

Very well equipped for the price.

The shifter is a little bit funky, but other than that you feel like your are driving something that is worth a lot more.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2006

2007 Hyundai Accent GS 1.6L 4 cylinder from North America


So far, so good


Nothing so far, I've had it less than 24 hours.

General Comments:

Thus far I'm impressed. It's got ample power, and is much more comfortable to drive that its small size would suggest. I'll keep you all posted.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2006

25th Oct 2007, 18:40

I was the original poster. Put 25,000 miles on it in a year. Traded it in for a GMC Sierra. I missed having a truck, but the Accent was a good car. Average MPG for the year was 29. No failures of any kind.

21st Jan 2008, 11:58

I have had my Accent for 1.5 years. It is a good little car, but no longer suits our family's needs. The space is good when you don't have to put in car seats and the mileage isn't too bad. Overall, I like this car and would buy another, but after the kids are grown and out of their car seats!