19th Jun 2004, 03:42

This car just went over 40,000 miles! Still nothing major wrong and just doing oil changes and tire rotations sometimes. It is still rolling on the original tires, but they need to be replaced very very soon. Gas mileage seems like it's getting worse, but could be due to the old worn tires. Overall this car is great and I'm glad I picked it over the Ford Focus ZX3 that year when I bought it!

29th Jun 2005, 21:20

This car just hit 50,000 miles! Nothing major has happened still! I should of gotten a new battery as I was still driving with the original one from 2001! I learned the hard way as my car died when I went to drop off some rentals. But the Hyndai roadside service took care of me being stranded! I called the 800 service number and they sent someone out in 45min! While I waited I ate lunch at a nearby restaurant. By the time I was done the tow truck shows up and it's one of those flatbed ones ready for anything! Lucky all I needed was a jump and I drove right home! Went out later and got a new battery. I think if you just follow the Hyundai service manual on doing regular oil changes and tune ups every 10,000 miles or so this car should last up to 250,000 miles!? Only time will tell or some idiot crashing into me... Grr... Use a headset people!!!

25th Apr 2006, 04:41

Wow right after that 50,000 some serious breakdowns took place. The warranty just barley covered it.

Things to have handy in the trunk.

New spark plug lines!

The car started shaking like mad after I went around the conner and had to give up my day getting it towed. Thought the car was dead for good, but just needed new spark plug lines. I guess that's what I get for reeving the engine up like I'm 2 fast n furious all the time.

Then the starter sensor pooped out. Replaced...

That's it.. Overall still happy as it was all free!

But this is it! 5 years is over.. No more free help from Hyundai! How much longer till the engine says no more?

Find out here in a few years!

3rd Jul 2007, 00:14

I have 131000 miles on my '01 Accent. Everything works fine for now. I had to replace the oxygen sensors and timing belt as preventative maintenance. The gears shift smoothly, except for some grinding when I shift to R. I'm just hoping it doesn't die on me for another 20000 miles; I'm not in a position to buy a new car.

11th Nov 2007, 14:11

I purchased this car from a private party at about 74,000 miles in 2006. I have a long commute to work and school and get great gas mileage. Sometimes I have gotten 40 mpg (although rare), and on average I have gotten about 34-35 mpg in the CITY. On the highway I got an average of 38-39 mpg with the highest at 43 mpg. I have driven it a lot lately and at 105,000 miles I did have transmission problems, but I deserved it for not changing the fluid or getting regular tune-ups. But considering the gas mileage I get, I believe I just got a good Accent in the beginning. I feel that this car will last a long time now with better care. What it lacks in style and "macho-ness" (I'm a 20 year old male), it makes for in good 'bang-for-your-buck'. Recommended to anyone looking for a back and forth to work car or a first car. Works best (mpg anyway) when in the city traveling long, mainly stop-free distances.

1st Jun 2009, 08:41

@ Initial poster.

I just wanted to say that I think its awsome that you followed up with your experience over 6 years of ownership. Very nice gesture to help inform others of what they might expect with the 2001 Hyundai Accent!!!

27th Oct 2010, 08:09

I got my Hyundai Accent when it was 6 months old. That was March 2002.

It's been a great car, trouble free, economical and fun to drive. Until this year. I replaced the second timing belt, and the water pump while they were there. Found out my heater was leaking so had that replaced as well.

It has had intermittent starting problems. Got a good new battery. Replaced the rear angle sensor. Took it too a few places, including Hyundai, and there were no error codes to tell me what was wrong.

So rather than replace the fuel pump, computer and whatever else I will sell, because I have to have a car I can rely on. I have been told to leave it at the auto electrician, probably for 2 to 3 weeks, so it plays up and then they can test to see what is wrong.

Apart from that, I think Hyundai don't use enough coats of paint for the Australian climate.