22nd Nov 2007, 02:02

I agree the overall quality of the car is not great, but two of my friends had 2000 and 2001 accents and they were great. Stereo problems and speakers, or even other minor issues shouldn't make the whole maker ***??.

I put over 50K miles on my 2003 Sonata in one year, with not a single problem.

I did some extra maintenance just because I loved it, especially on gas and the inexpensive ownership cost.

Good luck to all

1st Jan 2010, 11:01

I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent manual 1.5 liter, and get 48 highway and 37 around town on gas mileage.

It has 142,000 miles, and literally runs like a brand new car! Put a new clutch in it at 140,000 miles because it was "THE ORIGINAL", and I did the timing belt kit and water pump at 136,000 miles, which is about 66,000 miles past due and is the original. (This is a belt that when broken, will destroy the motor). These are all things that are basic maintenance at this mileage. And the car runs so quiet, I sometimes go to start it when it already is! YOU cannot hear it running inside the car WITH 142,000 MILES!

As for the other reviews given, I guess they just don't know how to drive a stick.

It is NOT a luxury car, but a fantastic fuel efficient, cheap car that needs to be treated as the same. If you don't drive it like the INDY 500, then it will last. And putting kicker boxes and bass tubes and other loud stereos in your car will vibrate the crap out of it, and yes, the head liner on the roof is likely to fall one day and not click back into place, DUH.

This car is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to economy car seekers; IT IS THE BEST!