6th Dec 2000, 18:33

My Hyundai is the most reliable car I've had in my years on the road. It's not the best car I've driven but for value for it's very competitive.

10th Dec 2000, 22:13

Do you mind informing us readers how you managed to put on a "flat" donut tire, when the original wheel fell off??? That's a cute trick.

I think the truth is being stretched a little bit here!!!

12th Feb 2001, 12:22

I think you're pulling the wool over our eyes! I've heard of better cars in the scrapyard. Engines/transmissions do not just fail. Wheels and doors do not just fall off.

I've owned many Hyundais in the past. Not one of them has suffered any electrical or mechanical failures, and the dealer service has been second to none.

I thought only clowns cars behaved like that. Sounds like this owner works in the circus!

25th Mar 2001, 15:46

I drive an Accent 1.3 auto. I have a few niggles:

- Economy is crap, 30mpg at best, 20 when driving fast.

- Engine has to be thrashed to achieve a decent turn of speed.

-Windows are difficult to wind down.

- Engine is noisy.

BUT THE CAR IS GREAT ON THE WHOLE! Good performance in kickdown, good handling, zero oil consumption and 100% reliable!

5th Apr 2001, 19:53

I think this guy's whole story is full of bunk. A) if the engine and tranny seized, the warranty would cover it along with the door etc. I think he was just a person with some twisted vendetta.

11th Apr 2001, 07:40

I actually clicked on your 'review'. Be funny somewhere else. Don't waste people's time.

21st May 2001, 05:33

This guy is full of crap. I just bought a new accent and I love the damn thing. I put on a muffler and a plain old intake and I have enough pickup. I can put my e brake on and make both tires smoke for as long as I want to. I love this little car. It is fast enough to keep up with a civic Hx.

16th Jun 2001, 19:17

Someone talked about a Pony! I had that car. I have smoked Honda's and you name it. I just pressed the gas and brake, and no one would believe the smoke show that just happened! Hyundai are number 1!!!

7th Jul 2001, 06:26

I don't think anyone seriously thinking of purchasing a new Hyundai Accent should take this review into consideration. Some elements of the review seem fabricated.

22nd May 2002, 15:17

My dad had a 87 accent which gave him good gas mileage and was a very reliable car and was a mountain goat in 6inchs of snow which he had for 14yrs. The biggest and only major problem was the heater core. He traded it in for a 2001 accent. He and his son are disappointed in the noisy tyranny and the gear box. Could you Steve or someone in the nohow suggest a long lasting header with a reasonable price? He's sorry he didn't buy the GS model after realizing it isn't peppy enough. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank You.

25th Nov 2002, 23:48

I have a 1991 excel and the wheel fell off too. Prior to this I had mostly good luck. Except now I'm doing research to find how many other people have had this problem. After reading the shop manual I've found the rear hubs are held on by a compression nut. It's torque rating should be over 45 ft/lbs., it's only going on with 20 or so ft./lbs.. the other thing that upset me is the front rotors won't come off. Again after research I found you need a special tool to take off and put on the rotor. So a $50 brake job Is gonna cost me big bucks. Are there any lawyers out there looking for class action suit on the wheel coming off. Every rear wheel I've worked on has a hole through the axle with a cap nut and a cotter pin to prevent this from happening. If there is let me know at dannyoakie@att.net.

31st Jan 2003, 11:44

I've always loved my 2000 Hyundai Accent, but recently been having some trouble with it. Beyond the minor easy to fix things, my automatic transmission would start kicking and have some trouble going into gear. The last day I got to drive it it would let me wind on the gas while in Drive, but not move anywhere. This happened five or six times more before I could make it back to my friends house only to have to get my Accent towed to my house. Now, I don't know why, but the transmission went. It's no longer covered under warranty and I'm having trouble finding a transmission for it because of the Model/Make. And after driving another vehicle while in hopes of my Accent getting fixed I totally miss that car!

13th Feb 2003, 14:57

Just a little bit for you haters... The well-known company Mercedes bought out Hyundai in 1999 so this cannot be true. Oh and as for KIA, they were bought out as well. This is fact and you probably won't believe what's in store for the years to come, but the only place Hyundai is going is up along with Kia and Mercedes. My car was on the cover of Road and Track for the November 2001 issue. I drive a Hyundai Elantra GT. My car is the Hatch back and mysteriously looks like the Mercedes Compressor Hmmmm? Road and Track said that Hyundai was upping the ante on affordable fun and they have and will continue to as long as Mercedes has something to say about it. Oh and if you get a chance take a look at the new KIA Sorrento. The resemblance to the Mercedes SUV is not a coincidence either. I know this because an official Hyundai Representative told me. Believe me the initial poor quality of the past Hyundai and KIA cars were left in the past for a reason. Everyone thought Toyota was cheap when they first came out, but at least we gave them a chance to improve. Hyundai has improved and if this guy is to blind to see it I guess only the people who Believe will WIN!!!

8th Nov 2010, 17:35

LOL! I don't doubt this story for a moment, whether it happened or not the point is that it can totally happen to this car! It is a definite POS, glad I have never purchased one.

I rented one twice, both times it felt like the wind might push me into the ditch. The last time I returned the rental after driving for 15 minutes. Edmonton winters are NO place for a crap-mobile like that, can't make a left hand turn across traffic because it's too light to grip a bit of slippery pavement.

I pity those that actually forked out money for these. However, you get what you pay for!