1999 Hyundai Atoz GLS 1.0 from Indonesia


Very reliable engine, low running cost. Satisfied..


Electricity connections, e.g. lamp relays

Power window

Battery ran out in about 58000 km, but I guess it's the age

Rear shock absorbers changed in 60000 km

Left CV joint 'ticking' when turned right since 57000 km, not yet changed, just being careful when turning.

Squeaky belts, especially on breezy mornings.

General Comments:

It's a very reliable car, especially the engine. Never let me down. It always starts the first time without pushing the gas pedal.

Small problems in electricity connection are not that annoying. Perhaps due to humidity and rain in our place, since the car is outside uncover.

Comfort? Well, it's not a Mercedes and it can never be. It's wrong to expect more from this budget car. This is not what you're looking for from this sort of car. But, it's not that bad after all. Around town, it drives quite well, the power steering just right. With a smooth road surface, I think I wouldn't complain. The power-to-weight ratio is just right, making it's sufficiently responsive to drive around town.

Though, it's no problem around town on flat road, but it struggles on uphill, the air-con must be switched-off to add some more horse power :-)

On the highway, driving more than 100km/h? well, it's adrenalin rush, as it is not safe, unstable. The suspension is a torture. But what can I say, it's a city car...

The economy is not as I expected. I think it;s due to the engine size. Approx. 11 km/liter around hilly town and 16km/liter on highway. Bear in mind in Indonesia, I use premium gasoline with octane-88. It should affect the economy...

Combining with the very low tax and cheap spare parts, it is really a low running-cost car...

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2008

1999 Hyundai Atoz + 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Economical to run and ideal for me as I have a bad back


The Water pump disintegrated.

Head gasket blew which cost a lot of money and time to repair. The local garage we use had problems obtaining a new gasket.

A few weeks later we then had problems because the car kept cutting out. We would be driving along and it would just die. Wait a while and it would start again. Eventually it stopped and would not go at all. I contacted a few garages and was told it needed to be put on to the computer to find the fault, but nobody had an adapter for Hyundai. I then contacted the local Hyundai dealer who informed me over the phone that it would be the Coil pack. The reason I was given for this was they said "Its nearly always the Coil pack". I was told that a new pack would be £180. Not being convinced of this I contacted a friend who is a Mechanic. He came with his Multimeter and discovered it was a broken wire leading to the coil pack. He repaired the wire which cost about 50p. A big difference from £180.

I felt I wanted to share this information because how many people would take their car to a dealer to be charged £180 plus labor for a part that may not be needed.

The car is now back on the road.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2004

4th May 2015, 17:30

Thank you for posting this, I have exactly this problem at the moment, so I will ask a mechanic. I have already spent £198!

1999 Hyundai Atoz GS 2 1.0 Elipson from India


Value for money


My engine needed overhaul and body caught rust.

General Comments:

The car handles path holes very well and still very nice to drive on smooth roads. Air-conditioning too is very effective.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2002