2006 Hyundai Atoz Prime 1.1 from Norway


Has delivered more than expected


Not much, it has been surprisingly reliable.

Some rust here and there.

Minor oil leaks.

Driver's seat is worn, and there's a hole worn in the left hand side on it.

Some minor brake problems that were fixed under warranty.

Original battery was very poor, and was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

This is my aunt's 3rd Atos, but the others have been traded in after 3 years, and this she has kept. Initially I thought these cars to be a complete joke, but I can understand the attraction. These are dirt cheap to run, and there are seldom any problems; very reliable.

Not very good on long hauls, not very stable at high speeds, but an OK around city car, and a car for shorter trips.

The car is now really showing its age, though. It rattles badly and the driver's seat is worn. Rust is forming and both brakes, clutch and front suspension seem to have taken a beating, even after only less than 78.000 km, but considering that this was the cheapest car on the market back in 2006, it's not that bad.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2012

2006 Hyundai Atoz Prime 1.1 from South Africa


Zippy, cute and cost-effective!


Seat-belt was popping out at first, but after a few weeks of use, it is fine.

When changing into reverse, gear usually sticks; have to release clutch and try again.

Tyres aren't reliable in wet weather.

General Comments:

Very cost-effective car.

Air-con works quickly and effectively.

Very easy to handle and park.

Lots of little storage spots in car.

Seats are "high up" so short people like myself look normal-sized!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2007

30th Oct 2008, 19:03

Great value for money.