28th May 2001, 14:42

This is an update to the above review...

When I had the brake pads changed I found out the actual price was £84 inc. VAT, labour, etc (the price originally quoted was for Accent brake pads).

Dealer replaced wheels under warranty (didn't expect them to do that)

Brake discs had a lip on surface - replaced under warranty. New discs at just over 30k miles is an absolute joke!

I forgot to mention that it leaked petrol which turned out be a split fuel filler neck (occurred around 20,000 miles)

This is my first car - it belonged to my dad before but we both used to drive it. Only difference is that its in my name on insurance, etc.

All repairs were done under warranty (except for brake pads & spark plug change. Spark plug cleaning was DIY job).

Rear suspension & front passenger door have started to creak.

Helpful local dealer and three warranty make this a disappointing car rather than a hateful one. My Dad still however has faith in Hyundai cars as replaced this one with a new Accent.

MOT due in few weeks - I'll post another comment if necessary.

17th Oct 2001, 04:22

Good car, good as a get-away vehicle, anyone made a look-a-like A-team van yet?

18th Jul 2006, 07:25

I think the Atoz SE+ is wicked, a woman's car, but I don't care. I bought mine a week ago (my 5th car) for 1200, it was in new condition fitted with a CD player and a steering control for it.. I had to replace the disc brakes + pads from ebay. It cost 50 pounds inc delivery + window winder cable.

I went from London to Leicester, many people underestimated it, but it was fast for its little engine, just like a 1.2 car.

The air conditioning is fine, as this happens on any car, but if you compare the Matiz to Atoz, you'll see the difference. Matiz will produce almost half the performance as its a 899c engine 3 cylinders, but Atoz is a 1.0L engine with 4 cylinders so you won't notice much. I'd actually accept that and not burn in the heat.

It's the best cheap modern car I'd say, instead of getting Clio, Corsa, or Punto, people should open their eyes to these little great runners..

I don't recommend the new Amica as it's the same car, just a diffrent look, but that look is smaller inside because it bends at the back.

People must be very gentle with the Atoz, do not smoke inside, do not carry many people, do not push it hard just be gentle and you'll see the great benefits you get. I do actually think the engine sound is bit funny, but you'd get away with that when stereo is on.

It's so easy to drive, so small to park, so comfy inside, you're higher than any car. A tall driver can drive it just as much as a short one!

So far I have owner a Clio 2, Mini Classic, Passat 2001, Matiz, and Pajero 4x4.

15th Jul 2007, 04:55

Have just purchased the Atoz basic. Very nice to drive, although there is a lack of feeling with the steering. I must say though very very good with fuel economy.. I don't like the factory fitted stereo and it looks like it's going to be a bugger to replace.

8th May 2008, 14:24

Avery economical and zippy little car. Very good air conditioning unit on our model A T reg. Been described by work colleagues as a TAXI or POPEMOBILE.

6th Nov 2008, 10:19

I've owned my atoz+ (can't forget the plus!!!) for 3 months and I'm happy with my choice. Its comfortable and very spacious which adds to the comfort. Fuel economy is reasonable and fingers crossed, reliable to date given its 10 years old already. With only 3 gears, obviously not built for performance and noisy when driving on the motorway but I've adjusted to driving slowly which improves the fuel economy. My friends call me postman pat so I'm off to get my black and white cat now.