2001 Hyundai Coupe 2.0L from North America


Make sure you have good service dealer before you buy


Well, where to start?

I bought the car brand new. It looked cool and was pretty fast. 153hp for 01. Then stuff went wrong.

First I noticed that there was a slight buzz noise that came from the dash at 3000 rpm. This buzz has now become the most annoying noise in the world because it constantly buzzes from 3500 to 3000 (shift point).

I crashed it once (only rim and steering damage), then 5th gear started grinding when I shifted into it. The dealer repaired it saying that they would replace all of the gear's synchro mesh and sliders (cause of grinding), but when I picked my car up and looked at the invoice they only replaced 5th gear. Now 3rd gear is starting to go.

The steering wheel also shakes when it is idling at 800 rpm not 900 rpm. Now I have to take it back again, to the dealership and have them replace everything.

I'll write a later review after I have a service done to it, as of 2/9/02 I want to pour gas in it and set it on fire.

New car, 17k, runs like my 86 Isuzu Trooper with 225876 miles on it.

General Comments:


Nice looks.

Nice interior.

Crappy tranny.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2002

11th Apr 2005, 12:44

Well I would imagine the problems that you have are mainly due to your careless driving. A car will only take so much you know! I happen to know someone who has a Hyundai Coupe 2001 for 4 years now and she doesn't really "look after it" yet it has never once given her any trouble, even after letting it almost run out of oil a few times it keeps on going and I have driven it and it's still perfect since the day she got it. I would say most of your problems are linked to that crash you had!

2001 Hyundai Coupe 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Basically it is down to poor build quality and the subsequent two efforts of the franchise where the car was bought, that have failed to put it right.

General Comments:

Looks great, but the 1.6 engine is poor and doesn't do justice to the design of the car.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2001

7th May 2001, 23:55

Wait till you've got a few thousand miles on it, it will loosen up nicely. Mine was a bit rough from new, also the 1.6 engine is very sensitive to being kept topped up with oil or it sounds awful! Rev it a bit, there's no power below 4k revs, then it springs into life.

27th Jun 2001, 14:23

I bought my Coupe from Holland in May 2000.

An absolute bargain at under £12000.

A little bit of warrenty work has been done by my local dealer with no bother at all.

15000 miles, no trouble.

Ian, Southampton.

2001 Hyundai Coupe Si 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A very individual choice that makes you feel special and gets you noticed


Problems with the immobiliser key.

Rear wash wiper came loose (No PDI check?).

Persistent trim rattles at low speed.

General Comments:

Fantastic styling for the money, looks like a 25k car and attracts a lot more attention than a Puma.

Fully independent suspension and Porsche tuned chassis make this the best handling car I've ever driven. No body roll whatsoever.

Acceleration is fairly sluggish but pulls well in 5th, marred by a heavy body, the 2.0 isn't that much quicker but this car is more about style and individuality than it is about performance.

Gearing is too short at 20.5mph/1000rpm, but the 16 valve engine is keen and smooth at high revs so cruising isn't a problem. Too much road noise for this class of car.

Power steering is heavily weighted and gives good feel round corners. Limitless grip from 205/15 Michelins.

Very solid feel to bodywork and switchgear. Very low sporty driving position.

Rear seats useless if you are over 5.6, but if that matters to you, go and buy a Vectra!

Looks its best in silver, blue or black. Looks dreadful in light green. Aircon, alloys and metallic essential.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2001

20th Apr 2001, 03:22

Basically I am quite satisfied with this model, unfortunately this car was not supported by sufficient power like what people think and as matter of fact this car only has about 130 HP, therefore I need optional stuff, whatever it is, in order to increase the engine power. Is that possible?? If someone has any ideas, please the information to eh@indosat.com

5th Jun 2001, 08:38

The 2litre engine puts out 139BHP (apparently) and the 1.6litre has a measely 115BHP. I know which one I would prefer!!!

14th Jul 2001, 05:38

Pretty car, but I was disappointed when I drove one. Very slow and it was the 2.0 model. Still, I imagine most people buy them for the looks and you can't lose there.

21st Jan 2006, 07:00

Hmmm Pretty car!!! In my opinion its the ugliest car ever built with the Fiat People carrier that name escapes me second. I am a design engineer and it fails on every count cosmetically and otherwise to be pretty.. I guess ugly girls would not have boyfriends if Hyundai had sold none of these cars.. some one has to like them.. It may be good, but it is just plain ugly its passing has made our streets look nicer shame the Santa Fe 4x4 took its place. I guess the designers that fail at fiat have to get a job somewhere ... UGLY pure UGLY