2003 Hyundai Coupe SE 2.0 SE petrol from UK and Ireland


This car is a beautiful ride, very sleek an excellent value for money


I have not had any problems yet.

General Comments:

It's a smooth drive, classy leather interior and definitely a looker on the road - I drive it proudly daily!

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

2003 Hyundai Coupe V6 2.7 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Stand out from the Celica crowd with this performance bargain


This car has been supremely reliable since I bought it and has not (touch wood) broken down once or given cause for concern. When I picked it up the windscreen wiper on the passenger side wasn't cleaning very well and surprisingly it was replaced under warranty!

General Comments:

I'm very impressed with this car.

The build quality has impressed me for a car of this price and from a perceived "budget" manufacturer.

The car goes very well and handles tightly through corners. It can sometimes feel nose heavy though as the 2.7 lump is a heavy engine.

Contrary to other reports here I have no issues with fuel consumption. Most of my mileage is on motorways and it averages nearly 35mpg which I think is fairly impressive.

The car accelerated well in the gears however 2nd seems to be a bit of a long gear and doesn't really fit in with the others.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2004

2003 Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6 from United Arab Emirates


A Bit Of A Looker, With Attitude To Match


Nothing major so far, the driver side window electric motor seized after about 5000 Km/h. The gasket on the oil filter failed, luckily it was noticed and fixed before it lost enough oil to be a problem.

General Comments:

The car is pretty quick, the 174 horses that the engine produces is a bit disappointing for a 2.7l v6 block. However the power comes out steadily for most of the rev range, so over taking is never a problem.

The inside layout is cozy and comfortable, the seats are slung nice and low and the big side bolsters hold you comfortably in place.

The Coupe likes to take corners, the handling is superb, it wouldn't out run my old Mitsubishi Eclipse, but it would out handle it with ease.

The plastics are a little cheap feeling, and the factory fit stereo looks and sounds cheap, but that is easily rectified with a new head unit as the speakers are good.

I have the Auto-Manual version and find it just as much fun as a normal gearbox, but on hind sight I would have taken the six speed box.

Generally for the price you will pay for this car you can't go wrong, it feels and looks the part, and it definitely flies.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2003

23rd Dec 2005, 08:29

I'm sorry, but this car does not produce 174HP; it produces 165hp and it is NOT very quick. In comparison to its main rivals, it's a complete waste of money. 165bhp from a V6 is terrible. This is a slow car, given the huge engine.

5th Mar 2008, 03:53

"the driver side window electric motor seized after about 5000 Km/h"

You are very lucky. The electric motor on my coupe's window seized just about after reaching the speed of sound. Then, at 3500 km/h the radio started to emit a strange noise.

21st Feb 2009, 10:37

I have heard that 5000 km/h is a critical speed point when many of electrical gadgets disintegrate. :)

2003 Hyundai Coupe 2.0 FX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


The best naturally aspirated 2.0 around?

General Comments:

Where do I start? Is the Hyundai Coupe a good car or a waste of precious metal?

Is it a budget Ferrari or hairdressers Porsche?

The answer to that depends on which model you buy. I am on my second coupe in the space of 12 months. I bought a 1.6 coupe last year, and was plagued with annoying little problems from day one:

Noisy clutch, engine warning light flashing on start-up for a good 20 – 30 seconds and a tapping in my engine due to the lack of oil circulating from a cold start.

That and a rattling hatch drove me insane.

All “natural occurrences” according to the dealer!

As for the car itself, it has very comfortable bucket seats. A bland, but somewhat stylish interior, a very attractive design and high equipment levels make it an attractive buy for the average buyer.

I sold my 1.6 for a 2.0 coupe. This car is in a different class to the 1.6. Yes, it’s the same car with the same excellent handling and brakes. But both inside and under the bonnet, it’s a different machine altogether… it’s a proper coupe!

Even the build quality of the 2.0 seems far superior. Maybe because I bought a dud the first time round, but this time there are no rattles, no tapping (except my fingers to the sound of the 6 speaker stereo system) and a whole lot more power. There’s enough acceleration to stick you to the all leather seats and the braking power to tear you right back off them!

Climate control and air con are another bonus not included with the sluggish, overweight 1.6.


If it’s a no frills, no-go glam car you want, get a 1.6 coupe. It’s cheap and it looks good. Personally, I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. I wanted a proper sports car, which is what I’ve got now with the 2.0. (I have even put a few BMW’s & Mercedes to shame when it came to a traffic light show-down).

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Review Date: 12th May, 2003

26th May 2004, 03:51

Man, give me a break over here. the car is a doll. It looks good and I totally agree with that. But you can hardly consider it a sport car. 2 L engine is not that powerful. second of all, the outer body is very flimsy and I advise you not to think of going into an accident. THIS CAR IS NOT SAFE AT ALL.