8th Oct 2008, 08:35

I purchased a 2004 Tiburon and a 2004 Elantra GT new. The Elantra has had 5 clutches in 60,000mi; the Tiburon 3 in 25,000 miles.

None of the clutches were worn out - they lost clamping pressure. I believe there is an interference problem, but I have not measured anything. The dealer replaced one clutch in each car then declared the rest as not covered by the warranty.

The Md Attorney General wrote Hyundai on my behalf, did not receive a favorable response, and suggested that I get a lawyer. I have been too busy, but feel cheated (Hyundai has never explained or admitted to the problem) - there is apparently no "fix" issued by Hyundai for this problem - it would be a great car, if they did.

14th Oct 2008, 12:38

I also have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with a faulty clutch. I have less than 20,000 miles on the car, and the clutch (and/or release bearings) has been replaced three times. The first time, it was under 12 month warranty, the second time (at 2 years), it was fixed as a "good will," and the third time (just this month, at 3 1/2 years), I had to pay over $1000. All three times, the same thing happened: lack of acceleration, especially in the lower gears, due to failure of the clutch to engage properly. I have had four previous standard transmission cars (different makes), all with high mileage and no clutch problems, so it is not my driving that causes this, as the mechanic tried to argue. Neither the dealer nor Hyundai will cover the cost of this repair. I am waiting now to hear from a Lemon Law attorney in Florida, where I live and bought the car.

2nd Jan 2010, 08:53

I have an 2005 Hyundai Elantra GLS with a standard trans. She has roughly 85,000 miles and I have had NO problems with the clutch at all. I hope this post doesn't jinx me. Anyway, the only problem I have ever "experienced" with the clutch is a squeaky noise when I press/depress the petal. Good luck all.

2nd May 2010, 17:02

I have a 2005 Elantra GLS, and I have had to replace the clutch at 17000, 38000, and now yet again at roughly 85000. I have not seen anything on the Class action lawsuit. I'm contemplating on going with a stronger clutch, but if there will be issues later... what's the point?

5th Jun 2010, 18:57

I have 2005 Hyundai Electra. My car has no power driving uphill. One time in a parking lot in a hill, the car could not move even I pressed the gas patrol hard. I tried reverse and still the car didn't move. Finally, I used the hand brake, pressed on gas pedal with reverse to back the car out of the parking lot and parked the car in a more leveled curb. I think there may be clutch problem. My car only has 58000 miles. I didn't abuse my car. My other car has clutches that last over 120,000 miles.

20th Jun 2010, 08:22

I have a Hyundai Elantra, 2009. The clutch is worn out in less than 15,000 miles. The dealer says it is not covered. All of my cars have been standards and I have never replaced a clutch in less than 80,000 miles. They want to charge me $1800.00! They insist that it is my fault and have not offered to do anything. It is not covered by the bumper to bumper warranty, because it is a wearing part. I guess I understand that, but this is more than a little excessive. Besides, will I have to do it again in another 15,000 miles? I see others have had it replaced within 12 months, and mine is within that time frame. Anyone have any ideas?

8th Aug 2010, 01:02

We bought a 2005 Elantra about two years ago with about 45000 kilometres on the clock. In June, 2010, as warranty was coming up, I Hyundai serviced the car and checked for any warranty work. They advised the clutch was slipping and needed replacing. I asked them to do it under warranty as I argued that it was an expendable, given all the posts I have read. They discounted the price from $1200 to $850 (still a lot of loot though). That was last Friday week (30 July 2010).

I thought I could hear a 'shimming' type of noise intermittently on the way home, but haven't driven it during the week. On 7 August 2010, I drove 100 kilometres. It started jumping out of fifth gear after about 25 (I think I have seen a similar report on the net somewhere) By the time I got home, I had lost reverse. This morning I took it to the yard and lost third gear as well. I did see that someone wrote that the engine is out of relationship with the gearbox, and so the clutch goes. It will be interesting to hear what Hyundai tell me I have done with the car this time! I think we need to get up a class action like happened in the US with the Tiburon (which we don't have in Australia).

28th Oct 2010, 22:19

I bought 2x 2005 Hyundai Elantras. Clutches on both failed at about 85000 miles. I replaced one of the clutches. It fixed the problem, but I noticed that it had very little wear when compared to the new one. I also replaced several other components at the same time, such as the slave cylinder, throw out bearings, and flywheel. I wonder if the failure could not be some other component, such as air in the hydraulic slave cylinder or the flywheel? I have always felt the flywheel was much too light. This requires a much higher RPM to start off, better for "digging out" than for normal, non-destructive acceleration.

19th Feb 2012, 19:45

I have 2005 Elantra, and had issues with the clutch starting about 65,000 miles. I had the clutch replaced, and after 35,000 miles I am having issues again. One thing I have noticed is the automatic make-up for the clutch seems to be very high. I find that if I bleed out the hydraulic system, I have better engagement, but I have to perform this at least once a month. I wonder if the pressure at which the make-up is set, isn't allowing full clutch engagement? Any ideas?

22nd Dec 2012, 02:28

I have a 2004 Elantra. I had to replace the clutch at 15,000 miles, the dealer I purchased it from refused, but a neighboring dealer did as a good faith measure. I replaced the clutch again at 28000, at 40,200 miles, and now again at 61000 miles.

I have driven manual on 3 other cars, and did not have this issue.

This is ridiculous.