27th Feb 2003, 11:46

I have a 1996 Elantra Gls and the check engine light is always on; no mechanic can tell me why. I keep repairs on it and do oil changes every 3,000. The brakes have to get fixed every year. I just recently took it to a repair shop to get a radiator, head gasket, and timing belts, and now it runs worst.

I would recommend a hyundai for maybe beginner drivers, but unfortunately you will have to spend more than the car is worth.

Also, you are right about the paint job it chips easily, and parts are easily broken, door handle, and the heat is off and on. It may seem a bargin, but it is not worth it.

11th Mar 2003, 17:26

I own a 96 Hyundai Elantra with the now infamous "check engine" light always on. It hasn't gone off in about a year or so now. Since I bought the car used in 2000 I have had to get the front brakes completely overhauled and a water pump refurbished. (the guy at Exxon said they could not get a new one??) I've always had an overheating problem with the car. Supposedly the refurbished water pump was going to help that, but to no avail. No matter what the temperature is outside, I ALWAYS have to have the heat on full blast to keep the water temp from getting in the red. Maybe its the thermostat. But anyway, I think this car really sucks and I wish I had bought the Neon the dealer was trying to sell me on that faithful day back in 2000.

3rd Apr 2003, 10:41

I have a 97 hyundia elantra 5 speed and the ring gear is always getting chewed up I replaced it 5 times it's a good car, but I don't like replacing the fly wheel cause you can only get one from a salvage yard or dealer.

4th Jun 2003, 06:51

Another 170k later the check engine light is still on, Dealer's can't find out what's wrong, The exhaust manifold was replaced and cracked again after the year warranty expired, they say" Your car is overheating and this caused your manifold to crack", and the car has never overheated.

12th Aug 2003, 08:43

Another "Check Engine" light problem. I've had my 1996 Elantra GLS for 7 years now. My "check engine" light just came on for the first time last week. I spent $200 to get it fixed only for it to come on again, less than 1 week later.

When Hyundai recalled for the gas problem, they said mine vehicle was o.k., but I'm smelling gas fumes though.

The problems I've experienced with my Elantra has been alternators. I've had 4 alternators in the seven years I've had the car. My electric window switch broke. I used to have tire problems (slow leaks, etc). I've replaced my fronts brakes 3 times and just had to replace the water pump. I have over 100,000 miles on the car. I need it to last me another year before I can afford a new car, but I'm afraid it won't. I hope I will not have to buy another Hyundai either.

16th Dec 2003, 23:56

I own a 1996 5 speed Elantra. Overall it runs fine, besides the transmission and clutch going sour after only one hour of driving. I wish I had more time to research this car, it has given me more problems than I can afford. Now the engine light is on. What this is I can be sure, but how can I tell if something is wrong if something is always "wrong"?

17th Mar 2004, 01:05

Yes I was wanting to know I'm about to get a 97 Hyundai Elantra and it has 97,665 miles on it and I was worried that the miles are too much on it already. What's the limit on miles on a 97 model?

17th Aug 2004, 19:37

I own a 1997 Elantra Wagon. I bought it brand new off the lot. I have found that I can remedy the engine light error for short periods of time by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Afterwards I have to reset my clock and radio, and it is only a temporary fix.

I have a chronic stalling problem like most others. I have noticed that there is a heavy build up of red ash in the second spark plug opening from the right side of my engine. I have had it in the shop three times, each with the same answer, Bad spark plug wires. Funny that I have never had to have my spark plug wires changed every 6 months in any other vehicle I have ever owned. If I put a fresh new spark plug in the offending port my car runs smooth for about a week.

If anyone knows a fix please e-mail me at j061474@yahoo.com.

20th Sep 2004, 15:36

I have a 1996 Elantra I bought it used, a week after I bought it, the engine light came on and I had it checked out and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it either. I'm wonderning has anyone had any problems with the starter?

26th Oct 2004, 21:07

I am so glad that I found this site. First I would like to tell anyone who is going to buy a Hyundai Elantra... DO NOT DO IT!!! Buy anything else because this car will give you more hassle than you could imagine.

I have a used 1996 base model. I purchased this car used with 62,000 miles on it in July here are all the problems I've had with it since then.

1. Within the first month the transmission went 1130 at night when I was coming home from work

2. The car was in the shop for 2 weeks. The day I got it back the transmission went again

3. Problems with the check engine light caused it to fail emissions.. although the problem was temporarily fixed it is on all the time unless I disconnect the battery for a few minutes

4. The transmission went a third time

5. The car leaks transmission fluid and I have to constantly put it back in

6. Tranny slips and bucks... very scary on highway

7. Battery and altenator replaced and car still repeatedly needs a jump.

I'm sure Ill break down again soon. I've broken down so many times in this car I can't remember them all. I just want to take a hammer and start attacking this car. I can't wait until January when hopefully ill have enough money to get rid of it. I am tired of breaking down in this stupid car

I wouldn't give this car to my worse enemy.

1st Dec 2004, 17:17

I have a 1996 Elantra Wagon and I am going to call it the money pit soon. My engine light has been on for about a year, also the air bag light. The garage could not find why the engine light was on after it had to be towed because it would not start. Miraculously it started for the garage the next day. Anyways, took it in last week for a safety inspection, $630 later, sway bar had to be replaced and a section of exhaust pipe $308.00. Ouch. We took it for a test run the same day and it broke down in the middle of the highway, towed to the garage again. This time I am told it is 2 oxygen sensors and the CV joint which is going to cost $800.00. To say that I am not happy with this car right now is an understatement.