5th Aug 2003, 14:06

I have a black 2002 elantra, same paint problem, same customer service problem. I am talking to a regional rep tomorrow, if they are unhelpful I will be contacting the BBB. This is absolutely ridiculous.

16th Oct 2003, 18:52

Paint Job Sucks!

We are experiencing the same problem right now with our 2003 black elantra GT, our 5 month old new car looks like a piece of used crap!


7th May 2004, 21:45

I have been having a problem with unusual dents and scratches, paint chips, wheel rusty too soon, something is wrong with this cars finish. My antennae was stolen too, but that is another problem. Has anyone had problems with vandalism?

10th May 2004, 15:02


I wanted to mention that I am having the same problem with my black 2002 Elantra. I have a small rust spot developing on the hood and the paint is cracking on the roof in about 5 places. I just wrote Hyundai Canada today and will see what their response is. I don't really know how to use this site properly, but I would really like to be kept informed as to what has worked and what has not with this car.


27th Sep 2004, 10:17

I have a 2001 Sante Fe that has the same paint problem. Going to take it in today... will let you know what they say. Looks like a crusty water spot and keeps growing.

1st Dec 2004, 19:48

I have a 2003 Elantra and experienced this paint problem in August. I took the car in for the 15,000 mile service and they washed the car. I got home and saw water spots all over. I went back and it took over a month for the problem to be resolved. They said it wasn't the paint. They sanded the car to get the spots out. I am wondering what we can all do about this same problem many people have had? I thought I was the only one!

5th Jul 2006, 10:11

I have a 2002 Elantra GT in black and I am too experiencing the same issue and had the same excuse here in Canada. Let me know about a Class Action Lawsuit though this page.

21st Jan 2007, 19:49

Hi guys, I'm planning to buy hyundai in the next few days.

I think the only problems you got only happen to the owner of a black painted hyundai. Am I rite? Just want to know is there any problem with the other color?


19th Feb 2007, 08:05

From what I have read, it's only the black paint that's having the fading issues.

16th Feb 2012, 16:23

I have a blue Elantra 2002, and am experiencing the same problems with the paint. Has anything been done about this situation yet?