1987 Hyundai Excel GL 1.5 carburated from North America


Good first car or fuel-efficient commuter


Small oil leak that I have been unable to locate so far.

General Comments:

My first car since getting my license, and I am not disappointed. I bought the car from a private owner and, came to find out later, paid far more than it was worth.

The tires needed to be replaced, as did the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, distributor, rotor, and wires. It also had no air filter and wouldn't pass smog until all of that was replaced and the timing was set properly. Then again, I guess that would be considered standard maintenance when the previous owner just drove it half to death.

Since then, though, I have had no complaints whatsoever, aside from the comments from my friends that it looks like a piece of junk. It definitely has some get-up-and-go, despite the fact it's twenty years old and so small.

When I went searching for my first car, I didn't expect much at all, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this little hatchback. I would definitely recommend that, if you can find one, to get it as a first car, a learning car, or something to drive in place of your brand new sports car to keep mileage down.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2007

13th Jun 2008, 15:34

Hey what´s up? My first car was a Hyundai Excel 1987, and it has been the best. I still have and I drive it every day to work. I have some others too, but this was the first. My girlfriend wants me to sell, but hell no, I´m gonna start tuning my car next month; it´s gonna be the best and the fastest in the world.

I got it in 2005. It was my fist car and it means a lot for me. I will make it the best for all those guys that think they are not worth it. I'll see some pictures of my Hyundai on the future. Hope you have nice one. See ya on the future with my super car ja ja ja.

Italo rosales.

1987 Hyundai Excel GLS 1.5L ohv from North America


Cheap Reliable


CV Joint was gone when I bought it used it for a year and bought a used one for $15.Had to replace water pump $10 used. and front right caliper $5.Timing Belt and fan belt $40.

General Comments:

This thing has never failed me.

Starts every day winter and summer.

Power sunroof is great.

Seats really comfortable with lumbar support.

Still pretty peppy for 589000 km.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2003

1st Oct 2003, 18:28

Such a bogus review. We all really believe that your Hyundai has over half a million miles on it. Come on now.

18th Oct 2009, 16:22

They said km not miles!

1987 Hyundai Excel GL 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Don't spend any money on these cars


(180 500) snapped the clutch cable.

General Comments:

This car never dies, I thrash it to bit when driving it, takes forever to pick up speed, handles really crap.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2003

1987 Hyundai Excel GLS 1.5 carburetter/unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


A bargain buy that I'll keep for years


A valve was bent when I bought the car.

General Comments:

The car has always been reliable.

It uses next to no fuel.

Handling is very good, despite the engine's lack of power.

Interior is a strange shade of blue, and had coarse velour trimings.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

1987 Hyundai Excel GLS 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Clutch needed replacing.

Some areas of the car needed a re-paint due to the poor original paint job.

General Comments:

Handles worse than a truck, don't try taking a corner at more than 20 in this baby.

Nice peppy motor.

If looks mean anything then this is the ugliest thing on the road.

It's an all round hunk of junk and I will celebrate the day that I sell it.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2001

13th Jun 2008, 15:46

Hey, take it easy, yours maybe ugly but maybe cause you don´t tune it up a little bit. Try to make it better; you will see some pictures of mine in the future. It is the best so take care of it or sell it to someone who will appreciate it jajaja...