28th Jul 2008, 04:28

Back for another update. Car now has 63k miles on the clock, still going well. Unfortunately the exhaust started to blow at the front pipe whilst on holiday last week. The front flexi pipe, from the cat, to the first join cost a whacking £172!!! I couldn't get the pipe fitted any cheaper anywhere, I tried the internet and all sorts of options. The Getz 1.1 is easy to get the parts for, but as soon as you say 1.3, most things are difficult to get! Course the check-light came on the dash for the Lambda sensor, and even with the exhaust replaced and the car running fine again the check-light remains ON! Again, a new lambda sensor is £140, and no-one seems to do a replacement for the 1.3 Getz, only the 1.1. A real bloody nuisance, and expensive! I'm told the diesel is really expensive for exhaust parts as well! Not happy about this at the moment.

29th Jul 2008, 18:07

It's a Hyundai, what did you expect? Although I have to say I am surprised the parts are apparently expensive for such budget/bargain basement segment cars.

3rd Aug 2008, 12:00

I too own a Hyundai Getz, bought from new. It's the 1.6 sport model, It has done 49000 miles, and my exhaust has also broken at the flexi section below the manifold. I was quoted the ridiculous price of £235 from my local Hyundai dealership just for the short length of front pipe. My warning light also came on at the same time, and is still on now!!! (I am a little bit worried about the price to replace the Lambda sensor, so I hope my dash warning is not present once a new front pipe is fitted). It seems Hyundai have not released the pattern for the pipe, so you can't find them at sensible prices at high street tyre and exhaust centres.

But on the whole this has been a superb little motor, very quick and reliable, with good build quality too!! I would definately say as good as most European marque equivalents, probably better than anything French!!! (sorry to say it, but I've never had luck with any French cars, including the brand new models I've owned.