1996 Hyundai H-100 1.? diesel from Norway


A man's car


Brakes wear down fast.

Windshield cracked in mid-winter 2000 - made a horizontal crack in the lower middle of the windshield.

Emergency blinker caused the turning signals not to function - a bypass solution was thought up by the dealer (didn't look nice - but it worked).

Steering wheel started to squeak when rotating fast many times at about 100000km.

Seats are on the edge of becoming uncomfy.

Dust enters the rear window-cleaner tank.

Car gets extremely hot in summertime, and extremely cold in the winter. A/C is useless.

A lifetime supply of hubcaps should come with the car - believe me, it needs it. Rain, rotation and salted roads has caused the hubcaps to bend and twist in all different directions.

Sliding door fell off.

General Comments:

Although it has it's cons, it most certainly has it's pro's too - for instance it can carry just about anything, we fitted a 350kg oven in there without the car showing the slightest bit of notice.

You can also fit anything in it, no matter if you have 6 or 3 seats in it, I've gotten things in there others would lend heavy duty machinery to carry.

The car handles extremely well, I have taken turns with it that I would be afraid to take with, for instance a Toyota Hi-ace. The steering wheel is a dream to hold on to.

The car is definently made for real transportation purposes, no matter if it's people or cargo one carries, this car will haul it without any problems. But that brings up the cons that didn't fit under "what things have gone wrong...":

First off, the engine is extremely weak - and I'm talking EXTREMELY weak. The car is HUGELY underpowered, I often have to put the pedal almost to the metal (so to speak) to get it up hills.

The car runs at a ridiculous RPM. It's like 3500 when driving in 90km/h. Did I mention the redmarking starts at like 4500? A sad thing, I would never be able to take it up to 120 without blowing the engine to pieces... a shame indeed.

As you have figured, the engine is the main con here - it provides too little power. BUT - it always provides the same amount of power, no matter what or whom you're carrying. The rear axle can take a ridiculous load, and the car still acts as if it's empty. You have to be the judge of whether this is a good or bad thing, but I would say it's a good thing.

I love the H-100, it's fast enough - often I'm afraid to drive above the speed limit, due to the redmarking of the RPM - thus I won't get many speeding tickets.

The braking is excellent, even high speed brake riding doesn't really seem to change the effect provided by the brakes.

The car's a perfect summer car - hot and nice. Although for the rear passengers it tends to get a tad too hot, but for the driver - it's optimal heat.

The car is quite sturdily built. Although the sliding door fell off at a time, the car accelerates like crazy at low speeds and can really put on a show. This is why the car sucks in winter conditions, it gets stuck too easy.

Generally: If you need a car that will haul your cargo or yourself from A to B, and prevent you from losing your licence from speeding - this is for you. However - this is a car for the experienced driver, not some kid who just got his licence. One must care for the car and understand it. Also, when the transportation of goods or many people is not required, one should have a backup car that takes care of quick deliveries and speed thrills - cuz this car just ain' no speedin' champion :)

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Review Date: 4th June, 2002

13th Nov 2004, 05:29


I have an H-100 2.5 liter diesel engine (77hp) and at 3500RPM it does 120Km/h.

25th Feb 2005, 18:49

I just got me an 95, h100 2,4l gasoline engine. i like the car got al the room I need and yes does not matter how much stuff I trow in it the car runs just as it was emthy.

Only got 1 it uses an insane amount of fuel anyone got a clue whats wrong?