2007 Hyundai i30 SLX 1.6L turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Would probably still have it, had I been the first owner


Headlamp bulbs blew several times in two years; needed to replace both sides each time, and very fiddly to replace.

Front tyres wore unevenly on the edges.

Hard interior plastics scuffed easily.

General Comments:

The car was over four years old when I sold it, and had been flawless mechanically.

It still felt very solid, and was very comfortable for long trips (had done regular 350km trips without breaks).

Classed as a small car, but very spacious inside.

The interior trim had a quality feel with lots of soft-touch plastics used around the cabin. I had the mid-range model (SLX), which also added silver bits around the place to liven it up a bit.

The only thing I thought was missing was cruise control; Hyundai added this a year later.

The diesel engine was peppy enough and extremely economical; I regularly recorded under 5L/100km trips (mostly highway driving).

Back seats folded down flat by displacing the bench cushions, giving wagon-like space in the rear.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2013

2007 Hyundai i30 SR 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, economical and thoroughly enjoyable!


Nothing has really gone 'wrong' as such. Is yet to have its first service, but items to be looked at include:

* Slight creak in divers seat.

* Occasional creak from the hatch area.

And that's it.

General Comments:

I thoroughly researched this car before buying it. I test drove a Mitsubishi Lancer VR as well as the i30 SR. The i30 killed it for quietness, performance and interior presentation. The Lancer was plasticky and noisy in comparison.

I never would have considered a Hyundai before the i30 came along. Hyundai has come a long way, and this vehicle shows why Toyota is so worried about them today.

The interior is high quality, easy to use and very comfortable for a car in this class. I do a lot of long distance driving and always feel relaxed when not only driving this car, but when I reach my destination.

The stereo seriously thumps if you want it to (the SR in Australia comes with amplified speakers, unlike lesser models) and the A/C is FAR better than my old Commodore, and my work Mazda3. Speaking of which, the i30 is quieter than the Mazda as well, more nimble and again more comfortable.

Fuel economy wise, over the last 12 months I've averaged 8.5L/100km. Not too bad for an automatic petrol model.

It's time to stop ignoring Hyundai. They are up there with the best of the Japanese brands believe me!

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Review Date: 27th December, 2008