2013 Hyundai i40 Tourer Style Blue Drive 1.7 CRDi 136PS turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Not bad, but maybe not as green as it should be


Nothing has failed.

General Comments:

Although nothing has failed, the centre console door rattles pretty much all the time, and so does the seat belt adjuster on the driver's side. Both can be quite annoying.

After over 12k miles, the gearbox/clutch doesn't feel so good. It has become very notchy and the clutch seems inconsistent, to the point where it won't go into gear on occasion - mainly when in traffic and my foot is planted into the carpet.

The auto hold feature is good, although it's needed because the hand brake is a small lever.

The level of trim, when compared to similar priced competitors is great value - sat nav, front/rear sensors, reversing camera (very useful gadget).

Some how the designs have managed to build a boot hatch that collects water when it rains and then pours out when it's fully open. Onto the unsuspecting person getting items out of the boot; not so great.

Economy isn't as good as the book suggests, I do a fair amount of high mile trips and it usually only manages between 50-55 MPG, and I only cruise, I'm not pushing it.

It does have a vast amount of room inside, despite not looking too big on the outside.

The A pillars are very thick, which can obstruct other vehicles at roundabouts, but that's not unique to this car.

On the whole it's not a bad car; not the greatest looking one on the block, but it does look good from some angles. My main concern is the possible gearbox issue that might be developing. Haven't been to the dealer yet, so this could be a good time to give them a try out.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2014