1992 Hyundai Pony x2 GSi 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Pleasure to own, but expensive on petrol and parts


Nothing, the previous owner spent about £2000 on repairs before we bought it - the automatic gearbox alone cost them over a thousand pounds.

General Comments:

A pleasure to own and drive, when you put your foot down on the motorway you don't half know about it!

The interior is comfy, but spartan, typical Asian market car really.

Guzzles fuel like a camel in an oasis, 35mpg - if your lucky!

Parts are very expensive.

Large boot with plenty of space for a pram or buggy.

Very very reliable, but beware the costs of those spare parts!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003

21st Apr 2006, 11:37

This car is NOT a realiable car.. My car only 3 weeks old at the time had been in the shop for 5 days nonstop because of the cheap parts in the motor! DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!

1992 Hyundai Pony Excel GLSi 1.5 MPI petrol from Singapore


In the first year of ownership, transmission ran into problems, can't engage 3rd gear when travelling >55MPH. Rectified by agent but never performed as well as new again.(loud)

Power window cables snap like bamboo sticks. Replaced six units of power window cable units costing $100 each. 2 to each of the front doors and 1 to each rear door.

MPI programme goes haywire after change of battery in the 2nd year of ownership. Engine idles between 600rpm and 1300rpm depending on its mood. Agent couldn't rectify it!

Clutch plate has metal shards lodged in it during production, results in wobbly clutch connection. Discovered after change of clutch in its 5th year (1997)!!!(Initially thought it was my lack of skills)

Front drive shaft bearing seal started leaking after 3 years. Still leaking till today, didn't bother to rectify it. Too expensive. In the meantime, kept topping up motor oil whenever I can.

General Comments:

Even though it has quite a number of niggling flaws, it is a splendid car for the money. Though it is Singapore and it cost me S$60,000 in 1992, still good value for money considering a suzuki swift goes for that price too.

Saw me through a total of 6 years until last month when I upgraded to a Lancer Mivec at S$104K!

So looking back, it was a pretty good deal. Looks good too with its colour coordinated bumpers, handles, mirrors etc....Actually looks a class up after installing alloy rims.

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Review Date: 11th October, 1998