2001 Hyundai Santro plus from Pakistan


Performance at par with its Price


The outlet for air conditioning condensate was closed when I first bought this car. Therefore, all the dripping used to be in the car (on the feet of left front seat passenger).Probably this was the cause the main controller Printed Circuit Board got defective. This was my first bad experience.

I traveled 1400 Km on it to up-country and came back the same length. When I came back I noticed that right headlight was not glowing. When I opened up the gadget of headlight and wiper (below steering handle/wheel) the plastic holding the copper tracks was melted.

Last year there were lots of rains like cats and dogs in our city. I had to drive it through knee high water on road. When I reached home, I found out that lots of water had seeped into its interior. After three days the main controller circuit board again got defective. Thanks to my Engineering Graduation, This time I mended it forever against rust and water. (I coated Silicone Gel on it both ways)

The consumption of this car was good on highway. It was 16.28 Km/litre with Air conditioning running. But in city I am getting 10.2 Km/litre with Air conditioning running. Though I drive with a mother nature for the engine, yet I think an Electronic Fuel Injection should give a little more.

Since this car is Processor controlled, therefore a user cannot identify whether the service staff has really done the tuning or just have said so. You have to rely on them. Manufacturers must think on some ways to make it a little more transparent.

General Comments:

This car is luxurious with a touch of class.

The acceleration is good, in comparison with other equal horse power cars.

Air conditioning is good. We in Asia rate a car on account of its cooling features. No doubt its really good.

Material used in manufacture of this car was of quality. It does not give a cheap look like a low cost competitor cars. I am using it since three years. There is no such material degradation.

Seating arrangements are comfortable.

Users must give a lot of attention toward its tuning and maintenance.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2004

7th Mar 2005, 14:23

What about the parts availability.