2007 Hyundai Santro GV 1.0 from Pakistan


Great value for money..


Nothing much... just wanted an upgrade. Plus it didn't have a good AC system.. not very comfy either.

General Comments:

Comfortable front seats with an exceptionally good AC... gives a surprisingly good mileage on AC.. Some luggage space in the back (even with CNG), which you don't see in any other 1000cc car.

Braking/handling is good.. Comes equipped with a good sound system ..

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Review Date: 7th May, 2009

2007 Hyundai Santro Club EFI GV 1.0 from Pakistan


A very good car, with very bad after sale service standards


Front wheel bearings were seriously defective at the time of delivery.

Leaking coolant hose and leaking CNG valves.

Reversing lamp switch defective.

Hard steering.

General Comments:

No doubt a good car in all respects. The local parts, poor workmanship and sub-standard components have a significantly compromising results on the quality of product.

The worst aspect is the disgusting and inefficient after sales service and maintenance available with some of the authorised workshops. Such workshops are running their own maintenance schedule over and above the schedule described in owner's manual, to make money. Items like compulsory tuning and brake overhaul at 10,000 KM on new cars. That is the bad luck for Hyundai and its owners.

The car is extremely good on CNG if adjusted properly by an expert. These experts are not available with all the Hyundai workshops, so you have to bank on the local market for adjustments. Workshops not approved by the manufacturer are doing a better standard of maintenance.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

2007 Hyundai Santro club 1 from Pakistan


Good car, but steering too hard


The steering of the cars is too hard will some one tell me what can been done to soften it as the dealer is charging too much to convert it into power.

General Comments:

Overall the car is OK, but steering is too hard feels like a steering of a truck.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2007

19th Oct 2007, 07:52

The steering of Santro can be softened in the following manner. The dealership is only interested in selling its power steering assemblies.

1. Replace the tires immediately if they are worn out or any local brand, with some good Japanese brand.

2. Get the wheels balanced and aligned properly from an expert, but certainly not from a Hyundai dealership, since they are not equipped with these technical details.

3. Get a positive camber to the wheels, since there is no adjustment provided to adjust the camber. Therefore the shock absorber/strut holes' "free play" can be made use of and the "free play" available is enough to give you an average of desired positive camber value. Alternatively "free play" can be created with a very little effort.

4. If you use tire size 165/70/R13, the handling and ride qualities will further improve.

5. The above procedures must be performed by experts in the market who have proper equipment, and they know how to use their apparatus.

6. Quacks or Hyundai dealerships are not likely to perform these steps to get suitable results. You will definitely find a softer steering; at least I did with two of my Santro cars that I owned.

17th Oct 2008, 02:33

How much are they Charging? for converting it into power...?