1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2.5 FI from North America


A piece of junk - don't buy one!!!


THE DEALERSHIPS have been the biggest problem ever. They treat you with no respect and expect to be patted on the back for this. The company should be shut down and reviewed! Any questions.. call (440) 946-3116. And by the way, their warranty isn't worth anything... it's also a bunch of empty promises.... Ryan

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To sum it up, please don't ever give in and buy any type of Hyundai. I bought the "highest quality" of the Hyundai's and have had numerous headaches since.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2000

22nd Feb 2001, 23:36

Hyunday Sonata 1999 V6 Black. Purchased brand new.

Previous owner of a Sonata 1992 - kept until 1999, very satisfied.

This car is comfortable, smooth and powerful, very costly in gas though.


Since the day I purchased the car I run frequently to the dealership. I have very good service but we have changed a large number of parts, from mechanical, to electronics, you name it.

I have spent a large number of hours in the dealership, a lot of money in taxi-fares for the family, and lost a lot of time from my work. In a lengthy letter to Hyundai Canada, the reply was: No use going to Hyundai Korea they will refer you to us. Do see your dealer, besides you were given a courtecy car(1)time only.

Reference and details of repairs and the letter to Customer service is available. My dealer is METRO HYUNDAI-5008, Bou. Decarie, Montreal, Que. Postal Code H3X-2H8, Tel.:(514)485-0001, Fax:(514)485-9518.

Note: I have driven for 32 years. The problems I encounter with this car are too many, for a young car. I am concerned about what will happen after the warranty expires. How can I finance the repairs if they continue in this rate.

This car I believe was not fit to hit the road. I am looking for similar cases to bring the matter to the next level.

My e-mail address is sarakcorfu@sprint.ca, available at any time. Any assistance you can provide would be beneficial. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Car ID. KMHWF25V3XA112977 - Records of repairs are available with the dealer and with me.

Best regards