2016 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 from North America


Good with a few things to improve


Brake pads binding, check engine (sensor replaced).

General Comments:

Large car and spacious car with plenty of front and rear leg room even for tall drivers/passengers, but limited head room. Seat comfort below average and sitting position too low to the floor. Seats are rather hard and flat shaped. Vague steering especially on the highway - not very relaxed driving on long distances. Quiet interior. Spacious trunk. Weak 2.4 non turbo engine under hard acceleration (passing) and not very economical in city driving, but good mileage on the highway. Average cabin heating and cooling - perhaps not the best choice in very hot climates. Good warranty.

I don't know/think I would buy it again, especially because of the rather hard seats (leather ones) and rather vague steering on the highway. But other than that the car has meet my expectations. Only significant problem has been the brakes, and the main dealer would not help because the problem is 'not that bad'. Instead they would recommend replacing the brake pads, see this video:


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Review Date: 6th January, 2019

17th Mar 2019, 17:34

Original poster, updating this review.

The car has now 22000 miles and has left us stranded. The check engine light came on and started to flash, and the engine would not accelerate at all; the car could not be driven. We called Hyundai to have it towed. The dealer replaced a knock sensor - they had to remove the intake manifold to access the part https://www.hyundaipartsdeal.com/genuine/hyundai-sensor-assy-knock~39250-2g100.html. Fixed under warranty.

This is the second faulty part on this car, the first one was the VCM part which also caused a check engine and limp mode https://www.hyundaipartsdeal.com/genuine/hyundai-motor-assy-vcm~28323-2gga1.html

By the way, I did a video showing how to replace the key fob battery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnDnJgpxlxc

13th Jan 2020, 15:15

What a garbage car. Now at 25000 we got a BSD system failure - this is the blind spot detection system. As we found out, the sensors inside the rear bumper (not to be confused with the parking sensors) do go bad - these are going to be expensive.


Not keeping the car after warranty. Perhaps not the worst car out there, but surely has troubles and it's going to be expensive to run. And please don't tell me we got a lemon, I found the same issues on forums from several other owners.

13th Jan 2020, 16:16

Oh, and the BSD part that needs replaced is a $2000 fix out of warranty (the car has two of these, so brace for when the second one goes as well). This happens on all Hyundai cars equipped with the Blind Spot Detection System.