9th Mar 2010, 08:37

Code P0171 means a lean fuel condition, as such not enough fuel, as in weak fuel pump clogged fuel filter leaky fuel regulator or dirty injectors, the problem may also be based in the Mass Flow Air sensor that could be dirty. None of these were checked or fixed, so a lot of money was spent on parts that have nothing to do with this code, though an improperly installed timing belt will affect idle and power. Next time take it to a qualified mechanic or research the problem on the internet before buying parts that don't need replacement.

18th Mar 2010, 22:41

Don't get me wrong my friend, this car has been serviced at HYUNDAI DEALER SHOP since we got the car and throughout those miserable life of the car. If I always sent the car to the guys who are trained as "HYUNDAI CERTIFIED MECHANICS", who can't fix the problem, then who else is more professional OR "QUALIFIED" than them? Who should I take my car to, you hear my point?

ALL the work you thought was unnecessary, and I should next time take it to a qualified mechanic or research before I buy parts, were all ordered and installed by these so called professionals you are saying I should be taking my car to, except the work I specifically mentioned above that I did it myself when they could not fix it.

MASS air flow sensor, fuel filter, timing belt, oxygen sensor, spark plugs, manifold and so on were all suggested by them, and all are installed, so it's not like there has not been work done to make the problem go away, and I don't want an impression that I went on my own trying to fix a problem regarding to code: p0171:system lean bank 1, but I must thank you for bringing them up.

18th Mar 2010, 23:14

And although the car I believe may have been under warranty, I read some car recall and specs for the car that mentioned warranty on the car as 100 000 mile or 8 years, if I am not mistaken. Yet, the mileage is now 86 000 miles and the car was 7 years old when the extensive repairs started.

Also, I read repairs done on the car from the 1st owner when the car was a month or so old: 926 mile (9/07/2000), 17,422 miles (6/27/2002), two problems at 21,790 miles (12/26/2002), another 2 problems at 51,751 miles (7/27/2006) and then after this time we owned the car as a second owner in 2006.

So here is the time line/record I have under this car. By the way, I was charged for all the parts and labor at dealers price all out of my pocket (the only part I was not charged was the cross member assembly, but they got their money on the labor cost), so those who know dealers prices and hourly rates can add up all the cost that has accrued in these repairs, and will understand the frustration it still is to own a car built to cause nightmares... you feel me?