23rd Jan 2014, 17:06

I've now had this car for more than 20 months, and it's now at 68,000km, and we still like it. We usually change cars every second year, but we'll keep this one for another year.

When going on trips with friends or even on daily commutes to downtown Montréal, I still get complements on the comfort, handling and styling of this car.

I've not spent a penny on anything but regular service yet.

31st May 2015, 22:16

My parents just bought a fully equipped 2.4 liter 2015 Sonata. I would suggest getting the base 2.4L engine as the turbo one is not really needed and not as peppy in city driving as the 2.4. Remember that in most turbo engines, the turbo only starts pulling at revs above about 2000 RPM, which means that in normal city stop and go traffic where the transmission is shifting around 2000 RPM, the turbo is rarely in use so the car is only basically using a 2.0 liter engine, which is less powerful that the base 2.4 liter engine.

Haven't driven it myself yet, but I'm impressed with the overall assembly and finish. I will post a review as soon as I will have the opportunity to drive it. Until then, (I am a mechanical engineer) I can just say that the car is very carefully assembled, I had a close look at how the metal parts are put together inside the engine bay, at the quality and feel of all buttons, the finish of the leather, and it's most impressive for a vehicle that a few years ago was basically the black sheep of the car makers.

As for the interior space, I'm 6'1" and there is limited head room in front. I can sit, but my head is almost touching the ceiling. The car and driving position is very low to the ground - something I don't understand why some car makers still don't move on and make the seats more like in the minivans. Rear room however is adequate and even quite roomy for my size. Certainly enough space for three kids to seat comfortably.