6th Oct 2016, 06:34

That's because your Korean junk is assembled in America. You're the only ones complaining.

6th Oct 2016, 13:46

Not all cars are the same that's true, but most manufacturers have upped their quality in recent years, Hyundai are much better now, but I agree not quite near the big players just yet.

Sounds like the original reviewer got a lemon. Bear in mind also according to the date the car was not bought new and now it's a 5 year old car with over 100,000 miles. The faults are still bad I agree however, most cars should handle this age and mileage no problem. Maybe find a more helpful dealer.

6th Oct 2016, 14:30

Sounds like you got a bad one. Hyundai aren't quite up there with the best yet, but no modern car should be this bad.

About the fuel consumption, the "Real world" MPG on any car should be calculated using your own maths and don't trust the trip computer (which incidentally I've found accurate on most cars I've had though).

Fill up the tank, reset the trip counter. Do about 300 miles of a mix of short and long drives to get an accurate assessment. Divide the miles you do by the liters of fuel it took to fill up, multiply that by 4.5 and then you get a better idea of real MPG, which I've always found to be exactly (give or take a point or 2) what the manufacture claims as an average.

Also make sure tires are inflated properly, you aren't carrying heavy loads, etc. all which effected MPG.

7th Oct 2016, 21:46

A family member of mine just purchased a brand new Santa Fe, even though it looks the same as just about every crossover from the past couple of years. I must say after driving it on a 3 hour trip I was very impressed with the ride, handling, and smoothness over the road. I was also impressed by the power from the V6, interior comfort and amenities. Hyundai has come a long way, and if somebody is looking into buying a new Toyota, I would say look a little further.