Terracan CRTD 2.8 turbo diesel

Fantastic value for money

49 words, UK and Ireland

Terracan CRDi 2.9 turbo diesel

This is a good, reliable vehicle at a good price

250 words, Costa Rica, 2 comments

Terracan 2.9 TDI

Extreme power on plastic

182 words, Costa Rica

Terracan CDX 2.9

Dash a bit Plasticy, but otherwise Brilliant

80 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


Terracan Turbo Diesel 2.9 turbo diesel

It is recommended, but unfortunately they don't make it any more

193 words, South Korea, 1 comment

Terracan crtdi 2.9

Excellent engine+car, shame suspension not up to the job

384 words, UK and Ireland, 9 comments

Terracan crtd 2.9 common rail turbo diesel

Don't touch one

312 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments


Terracan JX290 2.9 CRDI

Perfect for me in Costa Rica

132 words, Costa Rica, 2 comments

Terracan CDX crtd 29 diesel

Very good as they say you get what you pay for

63 words, UK and Ireland




81 words, Australia and New Zealand

Terracan 3.0

Cheap and cheerful

40 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment


Terracan 2.5 TDI turbo diesel

Capable 4x4

147 words, Brunei