2005 Hyundai Tiburon SE 2.7 V6 from South Africa


This car makes a statement


None mechanically, but I did make a few changes like changing the CD player to an aftermarket one with a USB fitted, new aftermarket alarm system and a de-cat, with 57mm performance exhaust and some new xenon lights. The V6 is an awesome and pretty looking car. Loads of power, pushing out 130kw stock, and about 9kw more on the performance exhaust. I think that's enough power, and besides, how often can we really use that power when there's speed limits to worry about.

After previously owning the 20L FX version, which was very reliable apart from minor suspension repairs like stabiliser links and brake discs, the Tiburon is a good car all round. You service them regularly and you've got no problems.

Apart from the front wheel drive unit, which would have been better if it was all wheel or rear wheel drive, it's got loads of power and good looks. Everyone looks at this sports car and thinks it's a Ferrari (Hyundai knew they wanted to make a statement). After reviewing the V6 and finally getting to own one, I've learnt this is a fun car to drive; it always puts a smile on your face when you start it up, and the engine purrs with a sweet and animalistic tone. This car is built for mid range punching (3rd and 4th gears at 5K RPM), with much driver enjoyment. It's quick (8.4 seconds 0 to 100), but it's not a top end car; this one likes the bends and curvy roads. If you drive it hard through the gears, you have fun, but you also use much fuel, but on the open road when you throw it in 6th gear and cruise, your consumption is better. I've got the 6 speed box (SE version), and gear changes are nice and efficient.

And it's got all the bells, like air con, power steering, electric windows, and cruise control. Always make sure you use the right engine and gear box / transmission fluids on these cars, and they will run like forever.

Fun to drive, beautiful exhaust tone, and good to look at.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2015

2005 Hyundai Tiburon SE 2.7L V6 from North America


The little Tibby that could


The A/C blower control switch becomes so hot during operation, that it melts the connector off the back of the switch, ultimately rendering the A/C inoperable. An apparent solution to this is to only use the blower at its highest setting to keep resistance off the switch, or replace the assembly with an aftermarket solution.

Throttle position switch went out at 80,000. $25 part at Auto Zone.

General Comments:

It isn't quick, and is less than spectacular on gas, averaging 20-21 MPG mixed driving.

It has been good to me with no issues that weren't caused by my own doing (Spectre intake parts damaging the MAF sensors and creating a very unusual ride).

In terms of build quality, economy and performance, there are better options and I wish I'd understood that when I bought this car. Yet I've developed a love-hate relationship with it. It's not the best in any category, but neither am I.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2013

2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT 2.7L V6 from North America


Yes, it's a Hyundai, and YES it's awesome!


I actually had to stop and think about this one, because things just DON'T GO WRONG WITH THIS CAR!

A few miles back, I went to start the car, stepped on the clutch, and when I turned the key, I got nothing. I took a look and realized that I had broken the clutch safety switch on the clutch. Whoops. I got a new switch from the dealer for about 25 bucks, took out the one screw holding it in, and bam... fired up again. So don't stomp the clutch to the ground when starting, you don't need to. Other than that, I haven't had ANY problems with this car.

General Comments:

This car moves! Listen, I know you read crap all the time about guys that claim to drive the fastest cars in the world, and they got like 100 HP under the hood. I don't just own a Tiburon, I also own four other beautiful cars that move well. One of them being a fire breathing 98 Firebird with a 350 LS1 under the hood, dishing out about 320 HP to the wheels. My Tiburon is rated at 170HP, and most Honda guys say that is junk as they are rated at about 200HP, but what they fail to understand is that this car is also rated at 170ft Lbs of torque. That is enough to get you off the line in a hurry, and keep you going. I had this car doing 141 MPH somewhere in the country that I'd rather not say where, and it was floating and still comfortable.

Other than looks, this car is absolutely beautiful. My entire undercarriage is undercoated, and even in the harshest winters NE Pennsylvania could dish out, it doesn't have a spot of rust on it, despite all the salt and grime on the road.

This car is fantastic; my only gripe is that it should have been offered in an AWD platform, because it would have been awesome.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2010