3rd Jul 2008, 16:20

My first introduction to this website was back in '06 when I was looking at a Tiburon. The negative comments, especially those dealing with Hyundai's refusal to honor the warranty, helped me decide literally at the last minute to pass on the Tiburon. I eventually bought an '07 Mustang, which cost only slightly more and is flawless so far.

As for the Corvette comparison, they are BOTH great cars, but nowhere near in the same class. The comment (in 11:58) about the Corvette's build quality is a bit odd, as sales of the Corvette has gone up 300% in Europe since 2000 BECAUSE of the car's build quality. It is a world-class sports car, and is one of Car and Driver's "10 Best Cars in the World" choices.

8th Aug 2008, 14:40

I read your review on the '07 Tiburon SE and thought it was right on the money! I have the same car and sold my old 78 Corvette Pace Car so I could tour in a fun little coupe. The Tiburon doesn't get the lookers that the Vette did but after five years of pouring money into the pit I didn't care anymore. This little hot rod only has to make one person happy and after two long distance jogs into the Colorado Rockies I'm sold. A year, 13k and its still Fun, Fun, Fun.

22nd Sep 2008, 22:36

I noted a reference to Hyundai not honouring the warranty. My son is considering buying an 08 Tiburon. I like the car, but if the company doesn't honour its warranty commitment, then I must advise him to pass on it.

Could you give me some examples of Hyundai's refusal to keep their side of the bargain?

5th Oct 2008, 06:55

The warranty rocks!!!

Bought the brand new 2008 Coupe.

During the delivery day, the car had some wiring problems.

Hence rejected the car.

They replace it with ANOTHER BRAND NEW COUPE without question!!!

Love the car.

Handling rocks (note the FWD, hence can't compare with AWD, RWD).

Fuel economy is not bad.

Constant speed at 140km for a distance of 290km only takes half tank (fuel consumption).

Just talk to the dealer or service crew nicely.

Trust me, they will entertain you like there is no tomorrow :).

Best of luck to all.

20th Dec 2008, 22:35

This is my second Hyundai Tiburon. First one, never had a problem. Second one, the flywheel crumbled into pieces and the hydraulic clutch came out. This was covered under warranty in October 2008. Keep in mind I bought the car in April 2008.

In December 2008, the same thing happened again.(only about 4 weeks apart) This time Hyundai refused to cover under the warranty. Said I didn't know how to drive even though I've drove a stick for the last 20 years. At this point with Hyundai I have found out the warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. I will never buy another product of theirs and would warn anyone who does that if something happens to the vehicle and Hyundai fixes the vehicle the first time - the next time the money will more than likely come out of your pocket. Mine is going back because I refuse to pay over $2 to $3K to get it back because this was not my fault. Also, if you are looking at Hyundai's check out Consumer Affairs at all the problems.

25th May 2009, 10:32

To the Dec. 08 guy with the clutch issues, and more importantly the DEALER issues...

Your problem was probably a locking up transmission due to improper lubrication from the factory, I have replaced two of these for that, (I'm a Hyundai Technician). I am sorry you had so many problems with your dealer honoring the warranty. But you have to understand, that it's a dealer problem, not a Hyundai problem. Some dealers are crap and shady, and customer pay jobs pay way more than warranty jobs. What they got you on is mileage. Clutch systems are covered for 12 months/12000 which ever comes first. What you got them on is that what they did, did not fix you problem. You have every right to call Hyundai consumer affairs and demand satisfaction. And in the future, if you still own your car, go to a different dealer.

2nd Jul 2009, 11:05

A question for the Hyundai technician: Someone said that there's a delay valve on the clutch slave cylinder that is responsible for the clutches wearing out so early (it lets the clutch slip when shifting). He said if that was removed it would solve the problem. Do you know anything about this? Frankly, I've been scared off of getting a Tiburon with manual tranny because of this issue and its costs...


14th Dec 2009, 21:21

I purchased a 1 owner 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT with 23000 miles on it on August 3 2009.

This is my second problem with the dealer honoring the warranty, and it's now December 14 2009.

First the dealer said the car was submerged in water and had sucked water in the intake, and the whole under carriage was rusted; even rust on the engine and oil pan.

When I had it taken in for a catalyst efficiency check, the engine light came on. I then took it to my mechanic to ask him. He said the what the dealer claimed was false. He said the engine and oil pan are aluminum and can't rust. I went back to the dealer and he denied saying that to me in person, and denied trying to get my warranty voided. What they thought was rust was actually red clay that's on the roads in NW Florida and SW Georgia.

Now the car completely lost all power to the engine, and made a noise like the muffler was clogged. Again my mechanic was 2 blocks away so I took it to him for diagnostic first to have backup info when the dealer tries to not honor the warranty again. My mechanic said the "timing jumped" and there is nothing I could have done to cause this, and it should be covered under the warranty. I am waiting for the dealer to get back with me because the district parts and service manager is to be notified before any repairs are to be done.

What do you think the problem could be?? Timing jumped and they will fix it, or could it be something else? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

20th Jan 2010, 14:56

The Hyundai Tiburon is a terrible car, and the Hyundai service people are also terrible. The reputation for a lousy, but very expensive clutch is well deserved. The clutch on my 2007 V6 GT 5spd failed after 20k miles, dealer wanted $2200, but an independent quoted $1700.

I will never buy another Hyundai, and I am actively seeking out all my friends, family and co-workers to ensure they also know that Hyundai's are poorly designed and very expensive to repair.

And no, I did not hover my foot over the clutch pedal and I am not a race car driver, which appears to be Hyundai's standard response to Tiburon clutch problems.

15th Feb 2010, 14:17

I am the original reviewer of this page. My 2007 Tiburon SE now has 24,000 miles on it. The car has had ZERO problems and I am still on the factory clutch. I hold a CDL drivers licence so maybe I'm more comfortable with a stick.

Other than the TPMS (tire pressure) light comes on occasionally, it has been flawless. I play with the tire pressure and it goes out. Consumer Reports says that the TPMS light issue is biggest complaint from ALL new car owners, not just Hyundai.

I have not had a warranty issue yet, so I cannot make a judgment call on that.

All in all, 3 years later it is still a fun little car to drive. I do wish it had more power, but then it would cost more and I would have more tickets.