22nd Aug 2001, 11:38

I tend to agree that that seems to be a bogus posting... do you also think the sky is falling?

8th Sep 2001, 18:19

I'm about to buy my third Hyundai, my first was a '92 Excel which went 135,000 miles no problem. I got a deal on a 98 Accent, current car with 105,000 miles.

I had the clutch replaced at 90,000 only because I pulled a 5,000lb forktruck with it. I have not had any problems and still get 38-42mpg.

I have to wonder what kind of maintenance this guy did? (none, nada, zip?)

13th Oct 2001, 13:19

Sounds like a very bogus posting to me. I absolutely love my Tiburon and have NO problems with it at all in almost half a year. This guy must not be talking about the Tiburon!

1st Dec 2001, 11:34

Um... Lemon.. Law if everything you typed was true USE THE LEMON LAW.. SO if it was made up then just shut up or turn in your driver's license because you abuse cars.

11th Oct 2002, 00:29

I have owned an Accent for two years and by now I have a 99 Tiburon, both without a problem.

The car gives you back what you give to it. That's a motto.

12th Nov 2003, 23:01

Listen to yourselves! Maybe he's just mad that he spent his money on something that constantly breaks! You losers have to realize you drive Hyundais, not Hondas and they're hardly bulletproof. It's perfectly feasible that the car was just poorly manufactured. Grow the f--- up!

6th May 2004, 16:02

Honda's aren't necessarily bulletproof either. Talk to anyone who owned a 'Hondamatic' from the 1980s. A more current example would be many owners of a 2000 or 2001 Honda Odessey, Acura MDX - major transmission problems.

13th Jul 2004, 11:39

Hi. I am thinking of buying a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon SE, and I was wondering if it was worth it? I have been reading a lot of reviews and noticed that there are a lot of problems with the head lights, transmission, and seat belts. Also, what about the back passenger seat. Is it big enough to fit people or is it more meant to hold luggage? How big is the back? Thanks.

4th Mar 2005, 21:16

Squeaky brakes mean that you need new brakes-everyone knows that. And the steering means you need new tires. Problems consist of people (such as yourself) not taking care of their car. It's not the car, it's you =)

15th Jan 2006, 14:15

I own a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon fx. I bought it used at 65000. The only problems I've had with it are the wheel bearings and the headlights. I've replaced the headlight bulbs twice now in the last 15,000 miles. Not a big problem. I bought my last set of bulbs on eBay for $10.05 (shipping included).

In reply to the question in the previous comment:

The back seat is primarily just meant for storage of junk as most hatchback cars are... but if you have small kids it is possible...

21st Nov 2007, 09:43

I own a 2000 Tiburon SE and and its been great no problems. If you take care of your car you should have major problems.