20th Aug 2008, 00:17

I've never had the problem with the bird droppings, but I WOULD NEVER BUY ONE OF THESE PIECE OF CRAP cars again.

I bought it brand new. They fix the flaking FAKE leather seat twice in 6 months, then tell me after that it's my fault it's not the leather. If it's my fault why did you fix it in the first place?

Second the clutch is 1500 dollars to fix and I have to fix that after 30,000 miles when it blew to shreds, and they also have a class action law suit against them for that. They say they cover it until it breaks, then its your problem.

E brake's been fixed 3 times.

I have the car in the shop at least once every 2 months minimum.

It's a nice looking car, I'll give them that. If you want a car to park in your garage and look at, buy it, but if you want a good car to drive, don't do it, it was the worst mistake I've ever made. I still owe 10000 on it and it's only worth 5500, so pretty much it's all around a PIECE OF CRAP CAR to own unless you're rich and have nothing better to put your money into.

I just bought a 1988 Power Ram truck so i can park this car. I am done putting money in it, and this truck runs way better and I only paid 450 for it.

Save the headache and stay away from Hyundai.

4th Apr 2010, 17:17

Pardon me, this is to the previous commenter. Which year was your Tiburon made in? I am finding a lot of complaints, mainly to the 2003 models.

9th Apr 2010, 11:16

Bird droppings can be a problem for paint. I don't think most cars have this problem, but even a Volvo I was looking at for sale (bright red) had stains on the paint from bird droppings. And Volvo paint is extremely long lasting, especially the non-metallic paints. So just goes to show.

20th Aug 2010, 18:16

2003 Tiburons are pieces of junk, so if you have a LOT of problems with your Tib, chances are it's a 2003. Most other Tiburons are much better.